Three Decades



    Thirty years of Right there with you

    For those seeking to understand what Chuhak & Tecson, P.C. is about as it celebrates three decades of service to its clients and community, start with saying “good morning.”
    “When we first formed the firm in 1987, we had 11 attorneys and a small support staff to match,” recalls Andy Tecson, president of Chuhak & Tecson. “Every morning, Tom Chuhak, who along with my dad, Joe Tecson, were the elder statesman of the group, would come to work and personally greet every person – every attorney, every clerk, every secretary – with a smile and a joyous `good morning.’ He would ask how they were doing, what was new; he truly cared about each person’s well-being.’”
    When looking back at the firm’s accomplishments over the past 30 years, Tecson thinks of those mornings and believes they are reflective of what distinguishes and defines the firm.
    “That sense of family, of truly caring about the success and growth of both the people who work here and our clients, that remains a foundational principle of the firm,” Tecson says. “We have clients who have been with us from the beginning, and we have lawyers and support staff who have as well. That doesn’t happen by accident.”

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