Employee Spotlight


Greg Jones



Diversity and inclusion were values that became strikingly real amidst Docket Clerk Greg Jones’ Dojo martial arts studio where he grew up practicing.

“There were not a lot of black people in martial arts, [but] I stayed with it and it became a part of my life,” Greg explained. “All of the other kids would call me ‘nightmare’ because of the color of my skin, but I saw that as motivation rather than a downfall.”

Greg’s stick-with-it attitude and his passion for individuality are what ultimately helped him become one of the founders of the Diversity & Inclusion Council at Chuhak & Tecson. Greg, along with other council members, has been able to launch diversity and inclusion-related activities throughout the firm, where attorneys and staff take part in events such as the Annual MLK Day community service initiative, AIDS Awareness Day and the Northalsted Market Days. In addition to this, being a member of the African-American community has helped Jones not only provide his unique insight to the Council, but has also helped him develop his own definition of diversity.

“The ability to be ‘you’ as an individual is very important,” Greg said. “Diversity and inclusion means not fitting into the cookie-cutter shape, but being accepted no matter what. Everyone is an individual and should have the power and right to show their individuality and be accepted.”

Greg also found advice from his mother to be helpful in shaping his definition of diversity and inclusion, as she always reminded him to not judge others but rather to accept them for who they are.

These concepts are what Greg aspires to help teach members of the Chuhak & Tecson community in his role on the Council. He also notes that the Council already plays a large part in coordinating a variety of different events and talks that focus on race, gender and accessibility that help inform Chuhak & Tecson attorneys and staff about diversity and inclusion-related topics.

The opportunity to interact with people of different backgrounds is what Greg admires the most about working at Chuhak & Tecson. He said his ability to observe others has helped him realize that the firm’s culture is a melting pot of unique characteristics.

Greg also appreciates that the Culture at Chuhak & Tecson is one where everyone gets along well, which adds to the inclusive atmosphere. It is Greg’s role as a Docket Clerk that has taught him valuable skills on adaptability along with helping other attorney and staff members when needed. Greg’s job responsibilities include filing documents to be sent to various locations and maintaining the firm’s electronic docket system that houses all current and future court dates for attorneys, and it’s in this role that he forges and maintains relationships with every individual in the firm.

Greg is sure to keep martial arts a constant in his life as an active practitioner in martial arts tournaments around the country. He also likes to write, from which he has participated in several spoken-word competitions. Since he enjoys the cold, he hopes to travel to Siberia so that he can experience what it is like to live in freezing temperatures.