Employee Spotlight


Sandra Alvarez


Sandra Alvarez, Senior Staff Accountant

Joining the firm in April 2014 as Senior Staff Accountant, Sandra Alvarez was particularly attracted to Chuhak & Tecson’s diversity and work culture.

“From the time I stepped off the elevator for my initial interview, I was immediately struck by the warmth of the people here,” said Sandra. “And as I moved through the interview process and was walked around the firm, I couldn’t help but notice the diversity throughout; that really stuck with me.”

As a first generation Mexican-American, Sandra was pleased with an environment that welcomed a diverse work culture. Moreover, Sandra was inspired by the work ethic Chuhak & Tecson strives for, relating it to the obstacles her mother and grandmother had to overcome in their pursuit of coming to the United States.

“My mother and grandmother are proof that with dedication and hard work the impossible, is possible!” she said. “I thank them for setting that example. I also thank them for teaching me not to dwell on the final destination, but to celebrate and be proud of how far I’ve come.”

In her two-plus years with the firm, Sandra’s role within the department has already expandedshe often collaborates with her colleagues on projects that expose her to new areas. She welcomes these opportunities as they help her to grow professionally and allow her to bond further with the others in her department. And Sandra’s engaging sense of humor puts everyone at ease when they are tackling the challenging projects. Humor is easily one of her strongest qualities.

Outside of the office Sandra spends as much time as possible with her husband, two children and extended family, and when she has time, binge watching TV shows with her seven-year-old son; they really enjoy Hawaii 5-0. Sandra adores traveling, especially to Mexico, where her father lives, and to Hawaii. Next on Sandra’s list? Bora Bora and then Greece!

Sandra’s dedication to her coworkers and to a superior work product puts her in our employee spotlight.

The people of Chuhak & Tecson are what Sandra likes most about working here—and to that we say, Right there with you, Sandra!