Employee Spotlight


Sachin Shah


As the son of immigrants who came to the United States from Mumbai, India, diversity and inclusion are values that hit close to home for banking attorney Sachin Shah.

A couple of years ago when a colleague invited him to one of Chuhak & Tecson’s Diversity & Inclusion Council meetings, Sachin leaped at the chance to serve on the committee. He especially enjoys the chance it gives him to help aspiring attorneys who also come from diverse backgrounds to learn the ropes of the legal profession. Sachin appreciates sharing the benefit of his experience with other young lawyers because someone once did the same for him. He recently conducted a panel discussion to help law students learn how to succeed in the environment of a law firm.

If Sachin were to give a single piece of advice to aspiring attorneys: “Find a mentor in the position you want to be in,” he said. “Allow them to guide you from their personal experience. The insights are invaluable.”

The culture of Chuhak & Tecson is what Sachin likes most about his workplace. He said the firm creates an environment that enables people from all backgrounds and at any level in their career to succeed.

“Chuhak & Tecson highlights diversity and inclusion, and I enjoy being part of a team that focuses on these actions,” he said. “The firm ensures that they follow through with diversity and inclusion programs rather than just talking about how they support diversity and inclusion.”

He said he has always found the principals and other employees at the firm to be extremely friendly, engaging and welcoming. Because of this, it was easy to grow as an attorney. Sachin’s experiences have broadened since joining the firm, and he continues to deepen his knowledge in litigation, transactional cases, compliance and other matters within the banking practice area.

He likes helping people, and the opportunity to defend someone else or represent them in the court of law is what sparked his interest in the legal profession. With every case, his clients benefit from the personal values, dedication and discipline instilled in him from a young age by his parents.

Sachin interviews potential candidates for the Judicial Intern Opportunity Program Committee of the American Bar Association. This program is designed for students who are members of racial and ethnic groups that are traditionally underrepresented in the profession. The internship pairs clerks with judges to give them a behind-the-scenes look on what makes an effective brief and oral argument in the court of law.

He enjoys playing all sports in his spare time, and hopes to travel to Australia in the near future. When his workload permits, he hopes to visit India, where his grandmother still lives.