Three Decades



    Success! Chuhak & Tecson's 30th anniversary realized

    There were the 30 years before Chuhak & Tecson’s Three Decades Anniversary in 2017, and now we begin the 30 years after.
    It was a year that began with 68 attorneys and ended with 74, adding yet more dedicated and skilled lawyers that will support us in our goal of remaining positioned to provide the innovative and responsive legal representation companies and individuals need to compete in today’s complex world.
    Our new office in New Jersey makes three, adding to our already established locations in Chicago and New York.

    For the next 30 years and beyond, Chuhak & Tecson is honored to carry out the vision of our firm’s founders, Thomas S. Chuhak and Joseph A. Tecson, two highly respected attorneys who made enormous contributions to their communities and to the profession of law.

    Three Decades was a year where Chuhak & Tecson emphasized education—educating our clients, our communities, ourselves. It was a year to reflect on the diverse ways we honor our commitment and responsibility to our communities. While our service and values will always remain constant, some of the ways in which we’ve evolved in the last year also mean we’ll never be quite the same again. 
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