Employee Spotlight


LaLonna Hunter


When you walk through the impressive glass doors, you are met with a radiant face, warm smile and honey-butter voice, “Welcome to Chuhak & Tecson.” That’s LaLonna Hunter, the “face of the firm.” She’s the first person you will meet when you walk through those doors.

Lonna, as she is known here, has been with the firm for more than 13 years. She came to the firm by a handful of serendipitous events and being a superbly qualified candidate. She had left her job at another firm and when she heard of an available position through the law firm industry grapevine, she was excited to interview with Chuhak & Tecson. As the interview process unfolded, she knew this was the place she wanted to be. When called back for her second interview, she was thrilled. And, then when offered the position, she took her time, a whopping 10 seconds, to say “yes!” She’s never looked back since.

Born and raised in Indiana, she came from a closely knit family. Her parents instilled in her a strong work ethic and traditional values that have allowed her to excel in all that she does. And, she is more than just the person at the front desk. She readily admits that in her job she keeps more than “13 balls in the air,” handling a variety of assignments and projects and keeping tabs on everyone’s ins and outs of the office. She loves meeting the clients who she boasts are all truly lovely and has cultivated some long lasting relationships with those who have visited the office over the years.

What resonates most with Lonna is how she is treated at the firm. Everyone – and that’s attorneys, paralegals and staff – is friendly and helpful, respectful and gracious. She experiences no bias, no prejudice. And to that point, Lonna was noticeably impressed when the firm brought in a speaker – for several firmwide sessions – who discussed diversity, opening up a lively and dynamic dialogue between the Black, Brown and White members of the firm, tackling difficult and timely questions and engendering a greater understanding of each other’s points of view. 

Most of all, Lonna feels respected and valued. She recalls that there was a time when she had some troubling family issues that came at her all at once. The firm was accommodating, understanding and flexible, supporting her throughout those rough times. Asked to describe the firm in one word, she readily offers – family, exemplifying the firm’s “right there with you” culture perfectly as she is eager to suggest.

When asked about any further thoughts about the firm, she adds that the firm really does function as a very harmonious team. The firm’s move to one floor, from two, solidifies its “one firm” concept and fosters the ability to work, enjoy and appreciate all the members of the team. Lonna acknowledges that when she said “yes” to accepting her position, it was one of the best “yesses” she has ever uttered!