Employee Spotlight


Sandra Alvarez



Joining Chuhak & Tecson in April 2014 as Senior Staff Accountant, Sandra Alvarez was particularly attracted to the firm’s diversity and its welcoming culture.

“From the time I stepped off the elevator for my initial interview, I was immediately struck by the warmth of the people here,” said Sandra. “And, as I moved through the interview process and walked around the firm at the time, I couldn’t help but notice the diversity of the staff and recognize its multicultural nature. That really impressed me.”

As a first generation Mexican-American, Sandra is pleased with an environment that encourages a diverse workplace and culture. She is inspired by the firm’s work ethic which engenders and strives for cultural diversity and acceptance. She readily acknowledges the obstacles her grandmother and mother had to overcome coming to the United States. Sandra’s mother came to this country at age 16, speaking no English. She married, and with Sandra’s grandmother, raised three successful daughters. Sandra, the eldest, was raised speaking both Spanish and English and has always served as the translator for her mother who had difficulty with the English language. Being bilingual has kept Sandra in touch with her roots and her family.

Sandra’s role within her department has expanded since she first joined the firm, due to her dedication, superior work product and her integrity. She appreciates the opportunities the firm offers and uses her resourcefulness to help her succeed. She has become an invaluable resource, providing information and responding quickly and skillfully to questions that arise in her busy department. Sandra delivers high quality service and takes pride in being a “go-to” for others throughout the firm.

If you ask her what she likes most about working at Chuhak & Tecson, she will readily proclaim that it is the people at the firm. “From day one, the people here have always been welcoming, supportive and open,” says Sandra. “I know that I can go to anyone with an issue and they will happily help me. They are always right there with you!

Outside of the office, as a new grandmother, Sandra spends time with her daughter and four-month-old granddaughter and tries to keep up with her 12-year-old very athletic son, who plays soccer, baseball and many other sports. She enjoys visiting with her sisters and mother who live close by and enjoys traveling, especially Hawaii and visiting family in Mexico where her father lives. Having visited Greece with her family, next on Sandra’s list? Bora Bora!

Sandra credits the firm’s dedication to diversity, its commitment to a multicultural workplace and shared values that have allowed her to succeed and contribute to the firm’s growth and success. Strong work ethic accompanied by values that align with Chuhak & Tecson make Sandra a valuable asset and puts her in the employee spotlight.