Dec 23, 2014

Is your business prepared for 2015?

1. Are criminal history questions still on your standard employment application?

Most employers may not request or use criminal background information in the hiring process until initial steps are taken.  More information may be found here.

2. Have you posted the pregnancy rights notice as required by the Illinois human rights act?

All Illinois employers must provide reasonable accommodations to employees with medical conditions related to pregnancy. Employers must also post notices regarding the employees rights. More information may be found here.

3. Have you thought about paying your employees with payroll debit cards in 2015?

Paying employees with a payroll debit card might be a good option for your business but it comes with many conditions. More information may be found here.

4. Did you know unpaid interns have a right of action for sexual harassment under the Illinois human rights act?

Make sure to apply all of your anti-harassment policies and principals to unpaid interns, as well as, employees. More information may be found here.

This Chuhak & Tecson, P.C. communication is intended only to provide information regarding developments in the law and information of general interest. It is not intended to constitute advice regarding legal problems and should not be relied upon as such.

Client alert authored by: Sarah K. Lash, Esq., Meredith C. Pike, Esq. and Evan D. Blewett, Esq.