Apr 26, 2017

Chuhak & Tecson reveals cost and time saving procedures for municipal code violations

From left: David J. Bloomberg and James R. Stevens, principals, Chuhak & Tecson, Gregory Janes, senior counsel for Buildings and License Enforcement for City of Chicago

David J. Bloomberg and James R. Stevens, principals with Chuhak & Tecson, teamed up with Gregory Janes, senior counsel for Buildings and License Enforcement for the City of Chicago, to present Municipal Enforcement at the annual Legal Forum of Community Associations Institute’s Illinois Chapter. Their presentation provided an inside look at practical considerations and time saving procedures for handling building code violations as well as tips to avoid ordinance violations.

“Our presentation sought to demystify the ordinance violation process and to provide boards and property managers with the tools to both plan for compliance with building code requirements and to effectively address violations that may arise,” Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg and Stevens focused on the challenges condominium property managers and board members face when issued with municipal violations, while Janes detailed the legal processes required in order to prevent multiple visits to the city’s River North hearing location.

“Code enforcement actions present multiple challenges for city condominium and common interest properties,” said Stevens. “We felt it was timely and important to present a comprehensive view, from the private and public sector, to aid managers in addressing these issues. Informed managers and qualified counsel make a major difference in addressing enforcement actions before they become unnecessarily expensive or stressful.”

The Illinois Chapter of the Community Associations Institute is dedicated to building excellence and increasing property values in community associations through education, advocacy and relationship building.

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