Dec 14, 2017

Is a Series LLC a good fit for you?

Illinois is currently one of 16 states (and the District of Columbia) that recognizes Series Limited Liability Companies (LLC) by statute. A Series LLC is a single LLC which consists of a “master” LLC and multiple series, each of which is a “mini” LLC. The structure is similar to that of a parent corporation and its subsidiaries. Each series may have its own members, managers, assets and purpose.

The primary benefit of a Series LLC is that the assets of each series are shielded from the assets of the other series and the master LLC. Unlike some other state statutes, the Illinois statute contains specific language to this effect and provides that the debts and liabilities of one series are enforceable only against the assets of that individual series and not against the assets of any other series or the LLC generally. Series LLCs are often great tools for clients owning multiple rental properties, as the Series LLC can be set up in a manner whereby each piece of property is owned by a separate series, thus shielding each property from the liabilities of the others.

Each series may conduct business in its own name and has the authority to contract with any party, hold title to property, grant security interests, sue and be sued. The Illinois statute also allows each series to elect to contract jointly, work cooperatively, consolidate operations and be treated as a single taxpayer without affecting the liability protection of each series, unless the series have specifically accepted joint liability by contract.

A Series LLC can provide the same benefits as traditional LLCs without the multiple filings, fees, annual reports and, in some cases, tax returns. For example, only one annual report is required to be filed rather than one for each series, which streamlines administration. Additionally, provided that the ownership structure of each series is the same, the IRS requires only one tax return be filed for the master LLC.

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Client alert authored by: Kathryn L. Kaler, Associate