Mar 18, 2019

2019 employment law changes revealed by Chuhak & Tecson's Jeralyn Baran

At Kensington International’s latest HR Career Transition Network meeting on March 15, Chuhak & Tecson, P.C. principal Jeralyn H. Baran presented an update on changes in federal, state and local employment laws. The meeting provided human resource professionals with an up-to-date, broad overview of the changes and how they may impact employers and employees.

Baran has practiced in the areas of employment and commercial litigation for over 20 years and leads the firm’s 12-attorney Employment law practice group. She is a frequent presenter and thought leader on employment issues and has been named one of the top 50 women attorneys in Illinois. In her work, Baran represents both management and employee clients. This unique, dual-faced representation gives her the opportunity to offer advice well-grounded in both sides of employment issues.

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