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Don't forget that mandatory disclosures to the Illinois Department of Human Right are due July 1

When Illinois passed the Workplace Transparency Act last August, it also imposed annual reporting obligations on employers who entered into settlements, or had final judgments or administrative rulings entered against them, based on alleged acts of sexual harassment or unlawful discrimination in the workplace. The report is due to the Illinois Department of Human Rights on July 1, 2020, and that mandatory reporting has not been tolled.

By July 1, 2020, Illinois employers, labor organizations, and state and local governments must report the total number of settlements and final adverse administrative or judicial decisions involving acts of sexual harassment or unlawful workplace discrimination in the prior year. Their reports should not identify the victims. They should provide the total number of settlements and final adverse judgments and administrative rulings. The reports also should provide a breakdown of those resolutions by category: sexual harassment and discrimination on the basis of sex; and discrimination based on race, color, national origin; religion; age; disability; military status; and gender identity and sexual orientation. If an employer settled a sexual harassment or unlawful discrimination complaint with an employee within the last year, or has found itself on the wrong end of a final administrative ruling or judicial decision, the information needs to be included in this mandatory reporting.

If assistance is needed prior to submitting this report or if you are uncertain about your reporting obligations, please reach out to one of Chuhak & Tecson, P.C.’s Employment law attorneys.

Client alert authored by Jeralyn H. Baran (312 855 4613), Principal and Employment practice group leader.

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