Enhancing where we live and work

Philanthropy and a culture of leading by example are at the heart of Chuhak & Tecson. We encourage our lawyers and staff to seek out ways to enhance the many communities where we live and work – by volunteering their time and talents.

Around town, community commitment in action

Service is a part of our soul at Chuhak & Tecson. Our founders, Joe Tecson and Tom Chuhak wove their passion for service to others into our firm’s fabric from the very beginning through their many industry and community efforts. Today our attorneys, paralegals and staff carry on this legacy of service by dedicating their own time to countless individual and firm endeavors to enhance our communities and stay right there with you.

Women Helping Women

Designed exclusively by women, for women, the innovative and award-winning Women Helping Women initiative fosters professional empowerment and strengthens bonds among women professionals while partnering with not for profit organizations to provide resources and expand opportunities for women throughout Chicagoland.