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Condominium & Common Interest Community Association

Practical solutions for community living

From routine operational issues to complex disputes and litigation, we know the issues which condo associations and HOAs encounter, and we have attorneys with the experience and proven strategies to navigate them.


There’s no instruction manual for serving on the board of a condominium association or HOA. We know what you’re facing because we have worked with association boards for decades, handling issues from mundane to complex, and we are right there with you – with practical solutions to common problems and the legal know-how to address the thorniest disputes. Also, given our longstanding relationships with management companies, insurance companies, accounting firms, lending institutions and other professionals whose services are intertwined with community living, we bring an extensive array of resources to address the challenges you face.

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Condominium & Common Interest Community Association

Amendments to declarations, bylaws and rules

Keeping the house in order. Association boards derive their authority from declarations, bylaws and rules. The Chuhak & Tecson Condo & Homeowner Associations Team has extensive experience:

  • Reviewing the declarations and bylaws of associations.
  • Advising on bylaw amendments to address changes required under the Illinois Condominium Property Act or Illinois Common Interest Community Association Act.
  • Drafting new rules and regulations for associations.
  • Preparing amendments for leasing restrictions and other limitations.

Chuhak & Tecson brings both decades of experience and deep knowledge of the body of law governing associations and regularly provides updates on changes in the laws – from legislative amendments to important judicial decisions. Our attorneys are known for handling precedent-setting cases in Illinois courts which have shaped the landscape of community living.

Collection of delinquent assessments

Assuring efficiency, responsiveness and sensitivity in collection matters. Collection of assessments is a serious issue facing associations in today’s economy. The ability of a board to collect delinquent assessments directly affects its ability to conduct operations and protect the value of all units within an association. Our Condo & Homeowners Association Group maintains an effective collection system developed from years of experience. In addition, our attorneys have extensive knowledge of foreclosures, bankruptcies, forcible entry and detainer (eviction) lawsuits to assist in the collection of delinquent assessments.

Contracts, license and easement agreements

Representing associations on contracts and real estate matters for more than 30 years. The Chuhak & Tecson Condo & Homeowners Association Group advises association boards and their managing agents on:

  • Contract provisions, including reviewing and drafting contracts that protect associations from claims brought by contractors or vendors.
  • Construction contracts
  • Easement agreements and licenses impacting the use and enjoyment of common areas.
  • Limiting insurance exposure for an association.
Enforcement of restrictions and rules

Well-drafted rules and regulations are vital to a well-run association. We consult with boards and managing agents to develop an effective approach to enforcing an association’s rules and regulations in a timely and efficient manner. With our knowledge and litigation experience, we can work with the board to accomplish its objectives.

Litigation and dispute resolution

Preventing litigation when possible, effective courtroom advocacy when necessary. No board member or association wants to go to court – it’s expensive and time consuming. Whenever possible, we seek creative solutions to resolving conflict through mediation or alternative resolution forums.

But when negotiation has not brought the needed resolution, members of the Chuhak & Tecson Condo & Homeowners Association Group stand ready to seek a litigated solution. Our team has extensive experience litigating disputes arising from:

  • Disagreements between association boards and owners
  • Construction defects
  • Developer transitions
  • Real estate transactions
  • Contracts
Condominium Deconversions

Deftly navigating the conflicting interests of multiple stakeholders. Condominium deconversion offers tremendous opportunities for developers and unit owners alike, but it is a complex process which can be derailed by any number of procedural missteps or the failure to adequately balance the needs of the various stakeholders.

Widely recognized as leaders in the field, our Condo & Homeowners Association Group has facilitated scores of successful deconversions throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. We provide sound guidance, meticulous documentation and transparent communication throughout the entire deconversion process. Our attorneys work closely with associations, boards and unit owners on every aspect of the process, leveraging our extensive deconversion knowledge and proactive approach to maximize efficiencies while minimizing risks, conflicts and delays.


We understand the day-to-day needs of aviation businesses, and we are also right there with you to help navigate the bad days. When tragedy strikes, we often are the first legal responders. Our clients trust us and know the quality of our judgment. They want us – and our decades of industry experience – with them as they sort out the details and look for solutions.

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The challenges and pressures of running a successful business of any size never stop, nor do you. We understand your world because we work with leaders like you, often as outside general counsel. Legal issues can make the challenges more daunting to manage and distract you from what you do best. That’s why we are right there with you to focus on what really matters, clarify the complex, solve problems efficiently and turn legal counsel into business advantage.

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Elder Law

Elder law attorneys define their work not by the type of legal problems they handle, but by the people they help. Chuhak & Tecson’s Elder Law attorneys work with older people, people with disabilities, and their families to prevent, address and solve problems associated with aging, long-term care and financial issues.

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Helping managers sort big issues from small, the Chuhak & Tecson Employment Team works with family and closely held companies on day-to-day workplace challenges as well as the long-range questions that arise for growing businesses.

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Estate & Trust Administration & Litigation

Our attorneys appear daily in the probate courts. Representing beneficiaries, executors, trustees and institutional clients, we administer estates and litigate disputes involving wills, trusts and guardianship estates. We provide counsel on all types of probate and the administration of guardianship and decedent estates and trusts, and advise on the tax ramifications involved in estates and trusts.

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Estate Planning & Asset Protection

Regardless of the size of your net worth, we can help. Our attorneys have extensive experience drafting estate planning documents from the basic to the complex, always with a focus on achieving your business and personal planning goals. We collaborate closely with clients, so we are right there with you to create, develop and implement integrated and individualized estate plans and asset protection plans.

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Financial Services

The Financial Services attorneys at Chuhak & Tecson are among the most knowledgeable in Chicago, making us the law firm of choice for more than 80 nationally and state-chartered banks as well as other institutional lenders, credit unions, leasing companies, insurers, finance companies, hedge funds, private equity entities and other private credit lenders.

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Health Law

Representing a broad spectrum of clients in the healthcare sector, our attorneys have a unique ability to recognize what a client needs and make it happen. From regulatory compliance, managed care and medical staff affairs, to mergers, corporate structure, contracting and other issues unique to the healthcare field, we are right there with you.

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When litigation becomes necessary, clients need to know they are in the hands of experienced professionals committed to achieving the best possible outcome in every situation. With our extensive experience before state and federal trial and appellate courts, as well as administrative bodies, Chuhak & Tecson litigators are right there with you – bringing the skills and knowledge necessary to identify and pursue the most efficient path to successful resolution and achievement of client objectives.

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Nonprofit & Tax Exempt Organizations

A clear mission and dedicated professionals are keys to finding success as a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization. So, too, is understanding the business end of a nonprofit’s operations, its legal status and the regulations it must honor. We understand how the governance structure of a nonprofit organization affects its operations and the sorts of questions that executives bring to boards and boards to executives.

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Real Estate

When it comes to real estate, Chuhak & Tecson attorneys enjoy a solid reputation for excellence built on decades of experience serving a broad base of Illinois clients ranging from buyers and sellers to landlords, tenants, lenders, developers, architects, space and land planners, building contractors, real estate brokers and syndicates, owners of historic structures and condominium and homeowner associations.

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Tax & Employee Benefits

Tax laws and regulations are a maze – complex and confounding for the uninitiated. But with more than 30 years of experience guiding clients through tax and employee benefit matters, Chuhak & Tecson attorneys are masters of the fine art of navigating the Internal Revenue Code to minimize tax and thereby preserve assets – for individuals, families and their businesses.

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