Our Culture

A professional home. A personal journey. A place to grow and thrive.

In the office or from our homes, out in our communities serving others or around the table serving a birthday cake, the people of Chuhak & Tecson are always right there for each other. We celebrate our collective diversity and recognize individual achievement in equal measure. We provide the support, resources and opportunities that can help each person achieve their professional goals and offer the flexibility to allow them to thrive in their personal lives. And no matter where we came from, how we got here and where we’re going, we are all in this together. That is what it means to be OneFirm.

The spirit of camaraderie, collaboration and community so central to Chuhak & Tecson can not only be seen in how we treat each other, but in where and how we work. Our offices are open, welcoming and bright, encouraging interaction and fostering connections. We gather in our sun-drenched café to grab a cup of coffee and catch up, and we welcome clients, colleagues and their children to the Family Room, a uniquely designed conference space for when kids are in tow.  

Our commitment to each other also manifests in how we manage the firm and what we prioritize in our policies and practices. Transparency and participation define our governance, incorporating the voices and perspectives of individuals throughout the firm. The innovative and empowered FunFitnessFilanthropy Committee develops activities that provide ample opportunities for laughter, engagement, wellness and service.

Our equally empowered Diversity & Inclusion Council facilitates perspective broadening though education, conversation and inclusive programming. While we value the interaction and collegiality that comes from being together in our offices, we also recognize that the ability to work remotely can increase both productivity and job satisfaction. All of these efforts and approaches are geared towards finding the often elusive but always essential work-life balance that allows each of us to grow, thrive and better serve our clients.