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Flying right

Active in the industry for decades, we are passionate about aviation. We know the industry and the vast array of challenges unique to aviation businesses..


We understand the day-to-day needs of aviation businesses, and we are also right there with you to help navigate the bad days. When tragedy strikes, we often are the first legal responders. Our clients trust us and know the quality of our judgment. They want us – and our decades of industry experience – with them as they sort out the details and look for solutions. Having a pilot and former Navy jet mechanic on our team, we bring highly detailed understanding of how planes are built and how they are operated – the most common factors at play in aviation mishaps. With this knowledge and extensive experience providing counsel in major aircraft disasters, our Aviation Group is able to evaluate cases early – to size up the technical information available, the role of technology and human failure, and the strengths and vulnerabilities of the case.

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Aviation Services

Airport construction and leasing

Getting facilities built and operating. Chuhak & Tecson attorneys have represented clients in a wide variety of matters involving airport construction. Members of our Aviation team advise on:

  • Airport construction, including compliance with FAA requirements.
  • Airport construction disputes, including construction defects, delays and related matters.
  • Airport and equipment leasing, including aircraft, aviation equipment, hangars or airport property.
  • Aviation-related financing, including equipment mortgages, term loans and other forms of financing.

Our Aviation team approaches every transaction using a multi-dimensional approach and ensures that regulatory, tax, corporate and insurance coverage considerations are addressed.

Aviation coverage and counseling

Assisting aviation-related entities in evaluating and securing insurance coverage.With extensive experiencing advising both insurers and insureds, the Chuhak & Tecson Aviation Group has broad experience interpreting the terms of insurance policies and advising on applications and implications. For clients in both general and commercial aviation, the Chuhak & Tecson Aviation Group:

  • Provides coverage counsel on matters governing aircraft design, testing, manufacture, overhaul, operation, maintenance and insurance.
  • Advises on risk management, including professional handling of investigations.
  • Evaluates clients’ insurance needs from liability, damage and coverage perspectives.
  • Advises on developments in local, state and federal law and regulations that impact owners, operators, insurers and manufacturers of aircraft and aviation-related goods and services.
General and commercial aviation litigation

Helping parties throughout the aviation industry resolve disputes. With extensive experience in a broad range of litigation matters, we have successfully defended clients in litigation involving:

  • Military aircraft
  • Commercial airlines
  • Corporate aircraft
  • Air taxis and helicopters
  • Airport construction
  • Aircraft hangars and maintenance facilities
  • Airport operations
  • Support operations that surround the aviation industry and its products and services
  • Aircraft component manufacturers
  • Companies that insure, build and pilot aircraft
  • Entities that operate airports and airport-related entities
  • Aviation leasing companies
Aviation Mass Tort Litigation

Defending insurers and clients throughout the aviation industry in major disaster litigation.Members of our Aviation Group:

  • Defend aviation product manufacturers, including OEM and other makers of airframes, aircraft engines, tires and other component parts, and avionics.
  • Advise on commercial litigation matters, representing airports, airlines and other operators, and aircraft and aviation product manufacturers.
  • Defending non-aviation products, including consumer goods, medical devices, and automobile components.
  • Represent clients in arbitration and mediation, when possible, to resolve disputes.

Although our work with product manufacturers often includes litigation, we also work with our product clients at all stages of the manufacturing process in an effort to avoid claims, prevent litigation and enhance risk management.

FAA compliance / FAA enforcement

Decades representing clients in compliance matters involving the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).Members of the Chuhak & Tecson Aviation Group advise aviation professionals and businesses in a wide variety of proceedings involving the rights of pilots, flight crews and aviation enterprises. Our work includes:

  • Advising on compliance with FAA regulations.
  • Defending aviation professionals and companies in enforcement actions, civil penalty and suspension proceedings, and certificate issues.
  • Representing clients before courts, administrative bodies, review boards and governmental agencies.
Aircraft purchase and leasing

Getting aviation deals done. With a broad transactional background and experience developing creative and cost-effective methods for transactions involving aircraft, Chuhak & Tecson attorneys advise on:

  • Direct aviation purchase and sales
  • Aircraft leasing and related matters
  • Tax issues related to aircraft purchases, sales and leases, including sales and use-tax assessment.
  • Aviation insurance