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Financial Services

Responsive, creative, effective

Meeting the needs of middle market lenders, we protect and advance our clients’ interests at every stage of the lending process, from loan documentation to workouts and litigation.


The Financial Services attorneys at Chuhak & Tecson are among the most knowledgeable in Chicago, making us the law firm of choice for more than 80 nationally and state-chartered banks as well as other institutional lenders, credit unions, leasing companies, insurers, finance companies, hedge funds, private equity entities and other private credit lenders. We draw on years of experience to provide resourceful counsel on a broad spectrum of legal issues, and clients benefit from our extensive understanding of all types of loan facilities.

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Financial Services

Bank fraud

Defending financial institutions against customer and third-party lawsuits. Our attorneys have extensive experience defending claims against entities in the financial services industry and responding to subpoenas. We have advised on suits claiming:

  • Fraud
  • Rescission
  • Negligent misrepresentation
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Breach of contract
  • Other claims individuals may raise against banks

We also defend individual officers and directors who are often named as additional defendants in lawsuits against lenders.

Prosecution and defense of fraudulent transfer claims. A fraudulent transfer occurs when a debtor makes a transfer of assets designed to hinder, delay or defraud a creditor. We have represented lenders pursuing obligors who have made such transfers, and defended borrowers against such claims. Our lawyers are well-versed in pursuing and defending actions to set aside fraudulent transfers under the Illinois Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act as well as the fraudulent transfer laws of other states and in bankruptcy court.

Bankruptcy and creditors’ rights

Advising on the full range of options available to lenders and then acting. Our financial services lawyers help lenders understand their options with troubled loans and pursue solutions which best align with their business objectives. Acting with the creativity that deep knowledge allows, members of our Bankruptcy and Creditors’ Rights Team guide clients to the best path forward, preserving credit and business relationships when possible through restructuring, and acting forcefully and expeditiously through litigated solutions when necessary. We advise on a full range of alternatives to protect creditors’ rights, including:

  • Enforcement actions
  • Forbearance agreements
  • Debt restructuring
  • Deeds in lieu of foreclosure
  • Consent foreclosure
  • Assignments for the benefit of a creditor
  • Bankruptcy proceedings, including cash collateral, stay relief and avoidance claims.
Financial Transactions

Secured finance counsel for middle market financial institutions.Our Financial Services lawyers advise lenders serving companies in a range of industries as well as addressing a full range of more specialized needs, including:

  • Aviation/aircraft loans
  • Healthcare industry transactions
  • Commercial real estate (including owner-occupied, multi-family and industrial properties)
  • Leasehold financing
  • Construction loans
  • Loans to not-for-profit entities
  • Intercreditor agreements
  • Subordination agreements
  • Letters of credit
  • Participation agreements
  • Specialized pledges and assignments
Small Business Administration portfolio management and liquidation

Counseling lenders on SBA loan originations, servicing and enforcement. In addition to advising lenders on the regulations governing SBA loan originations, we assist them in properly preparing and documenting servicing actions arising after a loan is made. Our Financial Services attorneys have extensive experience in the litigation and liquidation of SBA loans and collateral, complying with the unique rules and regulations required by the SBA to ensure payment under the terms of the SBA Guaranty. With a national reputation for effectiveness, Chuhak & Tecson is the law firm of choice to litigate and manage SBA loan workouts for a large number of lenders in many areas of the country.

Uniform Commercial Code

Ensuring that lenders’ practices are compliant, legally sound and protect their financial interests. Chuhak & Tecson’s Financial Services Group brings deep understanding of the UCC and the issues raised by this statutory framework to the advice we provide to lenders. We advise on:

  • Drafting security agreements
  • Terms of perfection (including where the rules require perfection by possession or by filing)
  • Priority of liens
  • Default remedies
  • Filing procedures
  • UCC Article 9 sales
  • Preparing financing statements (relevant to the search results for priority issues)

Our attorneys often find themselves acting as mentors and guides to clients regarding this seemingly simple but constantly evolving body of law.

Condominium & Common Interest Community Association

There’s no instruction manual for serving on the board of a condominium association or HOA. We know what you’re facing because we have worked with association boards for decades, handling issues from mundane to complex, and we are right there with you – with practical solutions to common problems and the legal know-how to address the thorniest disputes.

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The challenges and pressures of running a successful business of any size never stop, nor do you. We understand your world because we work with leaders like you, often as outside general counsel. Legal issues can make the challenges more daunting to manage and distract you from what you do best. That’s why we are right there with you to focus on what really matters, clarify the complex, solve problems efficiently and turn legal counsel into business advantage.

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Helping managers sort big issues from small, the Chuhak & Tecson Employment Team works with family and closely held companies on day-to-day workplace challenges as well as the long-range questions that arise for growing businesses.

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Estate & Trust Administration & Litigation

Our attorneys appear daily in the probate courts. Representing beneficiaries, executors, trustees and institutional clients, we administer estates and litigate disputes involving wills, trusts and guardianship estates. We provide counsel on all types of probate and the administration of guardianship and decedent estates and trusts, and advise on the tax ramifications involved in estates and trusts.

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When litigation becomes necessary, clients need to know they are in the hands of experienced professionals committed to achieving the best possible outcome in every situation. With our extensive experience before state and federal trial and appellate courts, as well as administrative bodies, Chuhak & Tecson litigators are right there with you – bringing the skills and knowledge necessary to identify and pursue the most efficient path to successful resolution and achievement of client objectives.

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Real Estate

When it comes to real estate, Chuhak & Tecson attorneys enjoy a solid reputation for excellence built on decades of experience serving a broad base of Illinois clients ranging from buyers and sellers to landlords, tenants, lenders, developers, architects, space and land planners, building contractors, real estate brokers and syndicates, owners of historic structures and condominium and homeowner associations.

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