Practice Subgroup

SBA representation and liquidation of SBA loan assets

Small Business Administration (SBA) loans strictly follow the requirements of the standard operating procedures and regulations in the Code of Federal Regulations. Chuhak & Tecson attorneys are keenly skilled in the requirements of the SBA and regulations and provide advice and services that enable secured lenders to properly complete SBA loan documentation, ensuring enforceability of the SBA guaranty.

Our attorneys further utilize their proficiency to assist lenders in properly preparing and documenting servicing actions arising after the loan is made. Our Banking Group attorneys have extensive knowledge in the litigation and liquidation of SBA loans and collateral, complying with the unique rules and regulations required by the SBA to ensure payment under the terms of the SBA Guaranty.

Because of our effectiveness, Chuhak and Tecson is the law firm of choice to litigate and manage SBA loan workouts for a large number of lenders in many areas of the country. Chuhak and Tecson provides a full range of services to lenders who utilize SBA lending.