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Business formation and strategic planning

Chuhak & Tecson attorneys are counselors and advisers, focusing on more than the legal aspects of your business. When you start a business, grow your business, or vertically or horizontally integrate, you need advice on how to structure and how to plan strategically. The attorneys of the firm can advise you on the appropriate entity, be it limited liability company, S-corporation or partnership, and can counsel you on related tax issues, governance issues, future planning, succession planning and estate planning.

When planning business start-up or expansion, attorneys in the firm consider the whole picture and assist you in evaluating not just your immediate need, but also potential future directions. Beyond these structural and strategic considerations, we can assist you with day to day management issues, document preparation, such as governing and formation documents, employment agreements, stock purchase agreements, partnership agreements, operating agreements and joint venture agreements. We can assist with short and long-range planning and problem solving; drafting and review of contracts; resolution of shareholder disputes and employee issues and benefits. Our firm counsels and guides clients through every step of the business formation process, which includes a determination of appropriate form of business such as limited liability companies, partnerships or joint ventures.

Our extensive tax experience also allows the firm to also assist clients in navigating through the complex tax ramifications of establishing a limited liability company or partnership. Not only do our attorneys assist clients in making the filings that are necessary to form the appropriate entity, but also have the experience to draft and negotiate partnership agreements, operating agreements or joint venture agreements, which range in complexity depending on the client's needs and intentions.

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