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Employment and confidentiality agreements

Whether you are on the employer or employee side of the coin, the process of drafting or negotiating an employment agreement can be extremely delicate. While these may become highly negotiated documents, the parties typically desire a positive beginning to the employment relationship. Beyond start dates and salary, the employment agreement may contain complex bonus provisions, non-compete provisions, non-solicitation terms, confidentiality provisions, termination provisions, stock options or other incentive provisions, cost reimbursement, and an allocation of ownership of intellectual property.

Our firm has the experience to draft and negotiate employment agreements on behalf of employees or employers. Because of our depth or level or experience, we have an appreciation for the issues that are important to employers and when our firm represents employees in this context, we can provide viable and creative proposals on their behalf. A company or party's confidential or proprietary information is certainly a valuable asset worth protecting. A properly crafted confidentiality agreement can provide safeguards and protections for a company's or party's confidential or proprietary information.

Not only is it important to properly craft the agreement, but it is also important that practical and actual steps are taken to protect the confidential or proprietary information. Our firm can assist in drafting and negotiating confidentiality agreements for clients for either general use or specific to the employment relationship and provide guidance from a practical standpoint.

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