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Outside general counsel

Our business attorneys are entrepreneurs themselves who combine the highest qualifications with real world business and litigation experience in representing family and entrepreneurial businesses. Long ago the firm adopted a rigorous policy of involving its own Principals in management of the Firm, serving on committees so business attorneys understand and appreciate the needs of a family-owned business.

Many of our business attorneys are also certified public accountants and are able to work closely with other professionals that service family businesses, including outside public accountants, bankers, insurance agents and other advisers, to provide a team approach for the best interests of the family-owned business. Each of our business attorneys work in an efficient manner, acting as a team leader seeking resources the firm has developed to support aspects required by family businesses. Many of our business attorneys not only serve as outside legal counsel but frequently are asked to participate as members of the senior management team with their entrepreneurial clients and are proud to serve our clients as trusted personal business counselors.

The broad experience of our business attorneys allows one-on-one relationships with the entrepreneurs of a family business. The result is that attorneys become familiar with all aspects of the business and the family, and the entrepreneurs are not shifted from attorney-to-attorney to deal with specific legal issues where the attorney providing the advice has little knowledge of the general aspects of the family and business. This allows for solutions that consider the effect on the business and the family, and ensures our clients that one phone call to their Chuhak & Tecson attorney will gain them a single point of contact to direct their legal needs.

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