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Securities and corporate finance

Chuhak & Tecson represents clients in a wide variety of corporate finance matters, from private placements, including equity, debt, taxable and non-taxable bond transactions, international offerings, disclosure issues and asset based and real estate related borrowing.

Chuhak & Tecson delivers common sense and technical advice and counsel to issuers, placement agents and shareholders in a variety of finance transactions-from private offerings of debt and equity utilizing brokers and underwriters, sales of investments directly to investors and to offerings outside of the United States. Our attorneys assist clients in navigating U.S. federal and state securities laws affecting private issuers, placement agents and the private offering of securities.

We provide experienced, practical counsel regarding deal structure, negotiation issues and tactics, tax advice and compensation issues. Our attorneys share with clients hands-on knowledge regarding shareholder control, corporate governance issues and equity and other compensation forms and benefit plans for management, each of which are important aspects of any private offering of securities or capital raise.

Chuhak & Tecson adds value to its client service in these corporate finance areas:

1. Executive Compensation-Working with management and boards of directors to sculpt executive compensation packages to attract management capable of providing value and growth to shareholders, including executive compensation concerns, the timing of stock option grants, associated tax issues and planning and disclosure issues.

2. Governance-Providing legal advice on the design and implementation of shareholder and director control and equity valuation through charter and by-law provisions, shareholder rights plans and business reorganizations.

3. Venture Capital-Helping existing and start-up businesses in connection with venture capital financing transactions, including preferred stock and convertible debt offerings, forming venture capital funds, assisting with capital raising efforts and structuring and providing legal advice on subsequent investments.

4. Private Offerings-Counseling issuers who desire to raise capital through private offerings that involve debt or equity securities, as well as under Regulations.

5. International Clients-Assisting U.S. businesses in accessing foreign capital and foreign clients in their U.S. and offshore investments and helping each comply with U.S. requirements.

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