Practice Subgroup

Retirement planning for physicians

Chuhak & Tecson healthcare attorneys advise the various physicians and healthcare provider organizations in the design and implementation of various retirement plans for its employees. Our attorneys review the demographics of the employees of the organization, confer with the principals regarding their goals and objectives and establish a retirement program. After the initial analysis, our attorneys make recommendations regarding the specific type of retirement plan that can be designed to implement the goals and objectives of the client. Because there is a multitude of plan designs available, we are able to tailor each plan to the specific goals and objectives for the client.

Our firm also represents our clients in amending plans to conform to changes in the law, advising our clients on the terms and conditions of the termination and dissolution of plans, including the payment of distributions to participants of the plan. In this regard, our firm also advises the participants on the various aspects of income tax treatment and estate tax planning and treatment of how distributions to participants can be transferred from the plan to individual IRAs, Roths, and Roth Conversion Accounts.

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