Practice Subgroup

Appellate practice

The attorneys at Chuhak & Tecson, P.C. routinely appear before the appellate courts as well as the trial courts. As a full service law firm, we follow our cases from the negotiation stage through the trial stage and then, if necessary, handle the appellate work. The area of handling appellate litigation involves a different set of rules, judges, location and skills that are a little different than those utilized up to the necessity of appeal.

Each appellate court in both state court and federal court has its own set of rules that generally must be complied with, not just in substance but in form. Our appellate practitioners are experienced in creating a plan to handle the appeal, comply with all requirements and have a successful outcome. We have handled cases in Illinois courts, federal courts and across the country. Generally, appellate practice involves not only superior writing abilities but also the job of summarizing perhaps years of trial court involvement in 30 or 50 pages of documentation.

We have drafted numerous appellate briefs on a broad spectrum of legal issues ranging from business disputes between private entities to litigation against the federal government arising from tax disputes. Our appellate litigators excel in analytical ability and writing skills. We always seek to distill complex factual and legal issues into a clear and compelling narrative. Each attorney focuses an appeal on the critical legal issue in the case, performs in-depth legal research, and thoroughly develops the most favorable facts related to the issue on appeal. Our firm's history of representing a wide range of businesses allows it to present issues to appellate courts in the context of the business environment. When necessary, our attorneys explain to the appellate court how the resolution of a case may affect the community as a whole.

Our Appellate Practice Group consists of principals with many years of experience, coupled with the best and brightest associates who are together able to successfully prepare - whether we are representing the person appealing or defending a position already established. Often we are handling appeals of cases that our law firm has handled through trial, but, just as often, we are working on matters referred from other law firms or clients who feel that a fresh point of view is necessary to handle the appeal.

Our appellate practitioners are proud to have their names published in legal opinions that are used throughout the country for their precedential value.