Practice Subgroup

Aviation litigation

Chuhak & Tecson provides experienced aviation-related counsel for aircraft owners and operators, manufacturers, pilots, airlines, aviation service providers, aviation industry operators and insurers.

Chuhak & Tecson aviation attorneys have decades of experience providing clients with full service and innovative representation in every aspect of aviation. We have provided counsel and representation on litigation involving defense of major disaster litigation, purchase and sale of aircraft, landing rights, aircraft leasing and claims involving the airline's or aviation business operation.

Chuhak & Tecson aviation attorneys have extensive experience in a broad range of litigation matters. We act as counsel to airports, airlines and aviation product manufactures in major disaster litigation. We also have combined experience defending clients who insure, build and pilot aircraft and aircraft component manufacturers, as well as clients who operate airports and airport related entities. We have successfully defended clients in litigation involving military aircraft, commercial airlines, corporate aircraft, air taxis and helicopters as well as the operations that surround the aviation industry and its products and services.

Our product liability experience includes the defense of manufacturers—airframe, aircraft engine and component parts, and avionics—in aviation disaster litigation. Our most recent work includes acting as lead counsel representing an avionics manufacturer in a multiple-forum, multiple-plaintiff air crash involving a foreign carrier. We also have defended numerous other non-aviation products from the consumer goods, medical device, industrial and automotive industries. Although our work with product manufacturers often includes litigation, we work with our product clients at all stages of the process in an effort to avoid claims, prevent litigation and enhance risk management. Our attorneys have significant experience in alternative dispute resolution through both the mediation and arbitration processes.