Practice Subgroup

General business litigation

Chuhak & Tecson's General Business Litigation Group is pleased to be able to represent clients in almost any possible area of business litigation. The challenge in business litigation is that every matter involves novel issues of law and also involves the partnering between the lawyer and the client. In order to achieve success, the first step is to discuss goals, the client's business, and financial considerations. After this meeting of the minds is achieved, the partnership of client and attorney moves to handle matters that are as diverse as can be conceived. General business litigation involves not only lawsuits of business clients, but counseling, negotiation, and answering questions to prevent litigation. The litigation may involve contracts, employee rights, real estate rights, insurance claims and any litigation issue that can be presented to a business person. More and more, these business issues involve issues of foreign countries; new technology; and document investigation.

We have been able to develop a team with experience in these areas resulting in a successful track record. Our team of lawyers is recognized in the Chicago area and other areas throughout the country for our tenaciousness, intellectual abilities, ethical considerations, and a recognition that when we appear in court, the client will be well represented.

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