Practice Subgroup

Restrictive covenants

One of the most challenging areas of law for business litigators is the area of restrictive covenants litigation. Clients are used to being told that the court system is in place to enforce and construe agreements between parties. The area of restrictive covenants litigation differs. It is in this unique area that the court is required, by an ever-changing body of law, to review restrictive covenants and determine the enforceability of the covenant. It is a rare day that our attorneys are not working on one or more restrictive covenant matters. Due to the fact that Illinois generally has more restrictive covenant litigation than any state in the country, our attorneys are used to handling these matters on behalf of either plaintiff or defendant both in Illinois and outside of Illinois. Due to the great number of cases we have handled, we generally have more experience in restrictive covenant litigation when we handle disputes arising in other states, than a local attorney is able to bring to the table.

The area of skill sets involves not only issues of contract enforcement, but also injunctive relief, which requires efficient and quick access to the court system. Due to the fact that we have handled so many types of disputes, we are able to offer overnight service when necessary and present a full analysis to a court within short and busy times during which these types of cases arise.