Practice Subgroup

Trade secrets litigation

The Chuhak Team has hundreds of matters involving trade secret disputes in both state and federal courts in Illinois and other American courts. In representing business clients, we not only are adept at putting together a trade secret program to protect the intellectual property rights of our clients, but also reviewing potential and actual litigation to determine the enforceability of certain trade secrets. This involves analysis of both common law, federal law, and the Illinois Trade Secrets Act. Most trade secrets litigation involves a requirement of fast and efficient access to the courts to both bring to the attention a violation of rights or to defend against those suits.

There is no substitute for the experience of having handled multiple such disputes. It is of paramount importance to recognize what intellectual rights are entitled to protection and what intellectual rights are being inappropriately labeled as subject to trade secret protection. This analysis involves not just litigation skills but working together with the client to make sure that all appropriate avenues for both plaintiff or defendant have been fully explored.

One of the great advantages our litigation attorneys are able to bring to the table is that each of us has knowledge and experience in substantive employment areas of litigation that overlaps with specific disputes in the trade secret area.