MLK Week

As part of the Firm’s long legacy of community service and diversity & inclusion efforts, we continue to provide service opportunities, especially around Martin Luther King Day. In prior years, before this was a firm holiday and hybrid working became the norm, interested individuals would be granted time to serve others through many different off-site and in-office projects on MLK Day. Work life evolves, and so have we. We now hold a service week following MLK Day during which individuals team up to participate in in-office projects that we can accomplish together.

In 2024, we gathered over three days. We came together, side-by-side, sharing our personal time and camaraderie to produce tangible and inspired goods for others. 

50 blankets tied for Loyola’s Comfort Care program

45 messages of hope written to veterans and frail elderly persons in the supportive housing of Volunteers of America of IL

Clothing collected for those served by the Salvation Army