Profile in Inclusion

Janet Wagner

At first glance, knitting a cozy sweater and shepherding a complex financial transaction to closing don’t have much in common. But for Janet Wagner, the overlap between these two wildly different endeavors – both of which showcase her skills and bring her personal and professional satisfaction – is readily apparent. A clear vision for the desired outcome, meticulous attention to detail, unwavering focus and a healthy dose of creativity – all of these qualities are needed to keep both projects from unraveling. Janet brings just that to her efforts on behalf of her banking and other lender clients, her active engagement on diversity and inclusion issues and the challenges of being a single parent of children with different abilities.

A principal at the firm who focuses her practice on banking and commercial financing transactions, Janet has earned the respect, trust and gratitude of scores of clients over the course of her impressive career. She matches her legal and business acumen with a personable demeanor and collaborative spirit that facilitates the timely closing of deals and forms the foundation of enduring professional relationships.

“As rewarding as it is to get a transaction over the finish line and see how it inures to my client’s benefit, the bonds I build and cultivate with the people I work with are what mean the most to me,” she says. “When I can provide a clear answer to an urgent question, solve a thorny problem with a simple solution or just put a client at ease because they know that my team has everything covered, that’s what fuels me professionally.”

Janet joined Chuhak & Tecson in May 2022 and quickly became involved in activities and the culture at the firm, most recently on issues involving diversity and inclusion (D&I). As a member of the firm’s D&I Council and an active participant in its innovative Women Helping Women initiative, she finds the opportunity to serve as a powerful voice and driving force in efforts to open doors, increase opportunities and create a welcoming and supportive workplace. For Janet, her commitment to these principles is deeply personal.

“I adopted both of my kids from Russia, and they each have faced their own unique challenges  – developmentally, emotionally and culturally – that have sometimes made it a struggle for them to fit in or get the support they need,” she says. “Their experiences make me acutely aware of how critical it is to foster inclusivity, empathy and an openness to different perspectives and experiences and how this can have a profound and positive impact on people’s lives.”