Chuhak & Tecson draws on history of service to launch new Not for Profit practice group

June 14, 2012

Community service has been a hallmark of Chuhak & Tecson, P.C., since its founding in 1987, with attorneys and staff rolling up their sleeves regularly on behalf of local charities. Now the firm is taking this commitment to the next level by introducing Not for Profit & Mission-Based Organizations as its twelfth practice group.

Catering to the unique legal needs of charitable and tax-exempt organizations, the new group draws on the skills of attorneys throughout the firm to offer not for profits a comprehensive spectrum of legal services. Experienced attorneys provide guidance in areas such as strategic planning and tax-exempt status, as well as best governance practices, asset protection, executive compensation, employee relations and more.

Kimberly Boike, a Chuhak & Tecson associate, spearheaded the formation of the new practice group with firm president Andrew Tecson. Since its inception, the firm has assisted organizations in navigating the complex legal world of not for profits. Boike believes that formalizing the not for profit practice group is critical so these types of organizations know there are trusted advisors available to assist them with their legal needs.

“For a long time now there has been a gap in the services offered by Chicago’s legal community,” Boike said. “Not for profit organizations are faced with unique challenges, and there are many rules and regulations they must adhere to. We recognize that not for profits require legal counsel, and they are in need of services specifically designed for them.”

Although Chicago is home to thousands of charitable organizations, Chuhak & Tecson is one of the few local firms with an entire practice group dedicated to their success.

With the firm’s long history of creating private foundations for clients, as well as the strength of its long-standing relationships with not for profit clients, the development of a not for profit practice group was a natural next step. Since it was introduced, Chuhak & Tecson attorneys already have made strides in enhancing relationships with various Chicago organizations supporting the arts, education, healthcare and other issues.

The addition of the Not for Profit & Mission-Based Organizations group goes hand-in-hand with the culture of Chuhak & Tecson and coincides with “25 Ways to Give Back.” In celebration of the firm’s 25th anniversary this year, employees are volunteering their time and talents for 25 service projects throughout the Chicago area.

“Our 25th anniversary service initiative fits perfectly with the creation of our not for profit group,” Boike said. “I get a charge out of knowing that the organizations Chuhak & Tecson is assisting are in turn out there in the community helping Chicago become a better city.”

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