Chuhak & Tecson’s Julie Gardner sat on panel for Loyola University Chicago’s engaged learning program

November 10, 2017

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On Nov. 1, Julie Gardner, an attorney with Chuhak & Tecson, was one of four selected panelists who spoke at Loyola University Chicago’s Student Leadership Development event titled “Engage Chicago and the World: Alumni Stories of Connecting Engaged Learning to Opportunity.”

The event is part of Loyola’s Connections for Extraordinary Lives Program which includes discussions that provide opportunities for undergraduate students to connect with Loyola staff, faculty, alumni, employers and their peers. Each event focuses on encouraging students to seek out opportunities that will provide them with knowledge, skills and relationships needed to prepare for extraordinary lives after their undergraduate studies.

With it being the 10th anniversary of Loyola’s Experiential Learning Program, this particular event featured four alumni, including Gardner, who as students took advantage of experiential learning courses at Loyola to build on their current professional lives.

Gardner discussed how her internship with the U.S. Senate office of Barack Obama, while an undergraduate student at Loyola, allowed her to develop her professional network in Chicago and instilled in her an awareness towards her career goals in the legal field.  

Other topics of discussion included how course experiences connect to socially responsible leadership along with advice on choosing the right experiential opportunities at Loyola.

This year Chuhak & Tecson is celebrating its 30th anniversary with an emphasis on education. Attorneys are getting out among the firm’s audiences and communities and sharing their knowledge through discussions and presentations—like this one. To see a list of upcoming presentations, click here