Not for profit group celebrates 10 years of exemplary service to charitable and mission-based organizations

August 11, 2022

Chuhak & Tecson, P.C. is pleased to congratulate the members of our Not for Profit and Mission-Based Organizations practice group for 10 successful years of attending to the unique legal needs of charitable, tax-exempt and mission-based charities. The group’s skilled and experienced attorneys provide guidance and counsel in areas such as affiliations, strategic planning, obtaining and maintaining tax-exempt status, governance, executive compensation and more.
Our not for profit group attorneys understand the unique challenges faced by not for profit corporations and mission-based organizations. From the complexities of IRS regulations to executive compensation and corporate reorganizations, our attorneys’ knowledge and talents enable our clients to fulfill their missions. Our attorneys work with clients of all sizes, including hospital systems, continuing care retirement communities, educational and religious institutions, community foundations, family foundations and other public charities and private foundations.
“We have had a lot more than 10 years of work in this arena without a formal practice group, so formalizing the group in the not for profit area was a natural fit for us,“ said Mitch Weinstein, president of Chuhak & Tecson and a seasoned business, tax and estate planning attorney. ”The firm and our attorneys have had a significant history of service to our communities long before the actual formation of the not for profit group. Service to our communities is both meaningful to us as individuals and collectively as a firm. The success of our not for profit group is a testament to our collaborative firm environment and the dedication of our team of committed attorneys.”
Community service has been a hallmark of Chuhak & Tecson since it was founded in 1987, with attorneys and staff rolling up their sleeves regularly on behalf of local charities. Although Chicago is home to thousands of charitable organizations, Chuhak & Tecson is one of the few local firms with an entire practice group dedicated to the success of these organizations. Established in 2012 by then firm president Andy Tecson and Kim Boike, at that time an associate with the firm and now a principal, it was felt that formalizing the not for profit practice group was critical so that these types of organizations would know that there are trusted advisors available and experienced to assist them with their full-range of legal needs.
Congratulations to our not for profit group for 10 years of diligence, compassion and service to our valued and appreciated clients.