Viridiana Najera


P 312 855 4058

Languages Spoken: Spanish

Viridiana “Vidi” Najera collaborates closely with two distinct groups within the firm, focusing on Estate Planning & Asset Protection and Estate & Trust Administration & Litigation.


Her role is instrumental in supporting attorneys throughout the entire range of responsibilities, including the initiation, administration and closure of probate estates and guardianship matters for adults with disabilities and minors. Vidi also plays a pivotal role in guiding clients through the implementation of long-term care plans, public benefits applications and appeals.

Navigating the complexities of estate management and guardianship can be an emotionally demanding journey. Vidi’s communication style reflects the compassion she brings to her work with clients and their families. Her unwavering commitment to attention to detail and comprehensive understanding of each client’s objectives instills confidence in all those with whom she collaborates.

Vidi’s career path was shaped by her deep involvement in estate planning during her tenure as a legal assistant and paralegal at a previous mid-sized law firm specializing in elder law. Her dedication to educating individuals about the critical importance of establishing a robust estate plan has only grown stronger over the years.

A first-generation immigrant and proficient in Spanish, Vidi provides significant added value, particularly in serving our diverse clientele. Proficiency in Spanish enhances her ability to provide comfort and clarity to clients whose primary language may not be English.

Vidi earned her associate’s degree in general studies from the City Colleges of Chicago. Outside of the office, she cherishes quality time spent with her husband and two sons, engaging in leisurely bike rides along the lakefront and nurturing her creative side through many wonderful at-home arts and crafts projects.