Our Story: Thirty-five years of Right there with you!

June 1, 2022

This year, on June 1, Chuhak & Tecson, P.C. celebrates 35 years of solid, results-driven legal work, dedicated service to its clients and imprinting its mark on the Chicago legal market.

There is a saying that people are in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. The same can be said about the lifespan of a law firm. Our firm has attorneys that have stayed briefly and those clients who needed our attention only for a short while, but who all have added variety and flavor to who we are as a firm. We have had others who have spent years with us, helping us expand and grow our business. And, there are those attorneys and steadfast clients who have been with us since the beginning and have seen a small, familial firm develop into a well-known brand in the Midwest.

“When we first formed the firm in 1987, we had 11 attorneys and a small support staff to match,” recalls Andy Tecson, principal and former leader of the Healthcare and Not for Profit and Mission-based Organizations groups at the firm. “Every morning, Tom Chuhak, along with my dad, Joe Tecson, would come to work and personally greet every person – every attorney, every clerk and every secretary – with a smile and a boisterous ‘good morning.’”

When he looks back at the firm’s accomplishments over the past 35 years, Tecson acknowledges that sense of family and caring about the well-being and growth of both its clients and the people who work there remains a foundational principle of the firm. That sense of interconnectedness and community is reflective of what distinguishes and defines Chuhak & Tecson.

“I was 25 years old when I joined the firm, not realizing that the firm itself had only been around for seven years,” said Mitch Weinstein, president and a seasoned business, tax and estate planning attorney. “An uncle recommended that I meet with some of the attorneys from the firm – and that was it. I liked the people and it just felt like a great fit. I’ve stayed ever since.”

Mitch remarked that he has been through two office moves and three or four build-outs, but relishes the most recent move to the firm’s sophisticated, high-tech and elegant new space. With its huge expanse of windows surrounding the perimeter, clients and employees alike enjoy the openness, light and uplifting environment, making it seemingly easier to transact even the most intense business.

“While we may have had real estate changes, the strong core values of doing excellent legal work, serving clients and empowering our younger attorneys have never changed,” continued Mitch. “I have been so privileged to work with some incredible people and also to advance my career.”

Reflecting on the firm’s growth, accomplishments and ever-emerging new talent who have joined the firm, Mitch added that this anniversary is more about the firm’s future than it is about the past. “The firm takes great pride in developing generations of outstanding attorneys who can build on what our founders and more senior attorneys have achieved,” Mitch observed. “This continuity has endured for more than three decades of change and disruption in both the practice of law and in our clients’ businesses. The firm has been fervently committed to staying in front of these changes by closely navigating the seas of constant change, maintaining balance and adhering to those core values that continue to define this firm.”

Mitch added that technology and the business environment may always be constantly changing, but the keys to building and maintaining relationships do not. Clients will always want accessibility and responsive service; they will always want value; they will always want the best possible outcomes. But, these things require adaptability, experience, wisdom and taking advantage of the technologies that continue to allow the firm to stay ahead of the curve.

For 35 years, Chuhak & Tecson’s unwavering commitment to client service – being right there with you – remains a bedrock principle. For 35 years, Chuhak & Tecson has left an indelible mark on Chicago’s legal market. This stands as a testament to its founders and those who have carried on those core values. Enduring client relationships emanate from that commitment and trust that comes from sound counsel of those who have laid the groundwork for the firm’s next decades. Whatever changes the world may see, Chuhak & Tecson will retain that sense of family that was present every morning Tom Chuhak and Joe Tecson greeted their employees.