Women Helping Women aids women in their journey to start anew

November 17, 2016

 Pictured from left, All God’s People President Doreen DeBoer and Chuhak & Tecson Attorney Elizabeth Osborne at the 2016 WHW Mix-and-Mingle.

Not having nice clothes to wear isn’t an issue when dealing with the President of All God’s People, Doreen DeBoer. As the leader of an organization that helps women get back on their feet after they’ve been trafficked or prostituted or homeless, most people come to DeBoer with just the clothes on their backs.

On Nov. 3, over 140 women business leaders and entrepreneurs gathered at Lloyd’s Chicago—bags of donated clothing in hand—to support The Boutique of All God’s People, an organization that ministers to the needs of women in Chicago that are trying to start anew by providing them with outfits for job interviews, funerals or special occasions. Everything is given away, nothing is sold.

DeBoer and her niece, attorney Elizabeth Osborne, spoke on behalf of The Boutique and Chuhak & Tecson, P.C., to highlight the significance of choosing to partner with one another for the 2016 Fall Mix-and-Mingle.

“After years of watching my aunt give her everything to help people, it’s great to have all of these women come together and contribute to her cause,” said Osborne. “The amount of donations we received regularly would have taken months to collect. It was a very successful event.” 

Hosted by the women attorneys of Chuhak & Tecson, Women Helping Women (WHW) is an after-hours networking group that offers professional women the opportunity to build their businesses while participating in charitable services at the same time. While enjoying wine and hors d’oeuvres, each Mix-and-Mingle highlights a different nonprofit agency serving women or women and their children.

Through this event there were hundreds of dress pants, blouses, sweaters, blazers, shoes, purses and more collected that will be put together as outfits and provided to women in need. But it is much more than that, each outfit has the chance to provide the feeling of confidence and self-importance that every woman deserves.

“I have met wonderful women through The Boutique and many of them talk about how nice the clothes make them feel,” DeBoer said. “Your outfit is oftentimes the first thing people notice. Women know that and a nice outfit can really spike their confidence. We will be able to give a lot of women confidence with the donations from this event, we are so very thankful for this experience.”

The confidence that a nice, complete outfit along with toiletries, haircuts and other freebies can give a woman on the journey to reestablish herself is one of the many reasons why Chuhak & Tecson is pleased to support The Boutique of All God’s People.

If you would like information on Chuhak & Tecson’s WHW event, contact Jane La Grassa at