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Steve Bloomberg

One-size-fits-all doesn't work in representing condominium associations. Steve Bloomberg analyzes his clients' individual needs, tailors his advice according to the facts and offers a cost-benefit approach. view full bio +

Kim Boike

Kim Boike’s experience as a board member and passion as a volunteer enables her to better guide not for profit and healthcare clients on a wide range of legal and regulatory issues. view full bio +

Mark Broaddus

Mark Broaddus leverages his personal and professional experience to help families and individuals plan for disability and end of life issues. When necessary, he pragmatically pursues litigation to meet his clients' goals. view full bio +

Ed Burke

Ed Burke’s firsthand experience working at financial institutions gives him a unique, well-rounded perspective when advising his bank clients on complex workout and bankruptcy matters. view full bio +

Bill DeYoung

As a pilot and former Navy jet mechanic, Bill DeYoung possesses intricate knowledge of aircraft and the aviation industry that gives him a leg up when litigating aviation cases. view full bio +

David Feinberg

For David Feinberg, being "right there" with his clients—from beginning to end—is his highest priority as an attorney. His estate, probate and guardianship experience ensures that his clients receive the utmost legal services during difficult times. view full bio +

Mitch Feinberg

Building strong relationships with his clients enables Mitch Feinberg to develop customized estate plans that address the key players, assets and family dynamics in every situation. view full bio +

Dan Fumagalli

Dan Fumagalli guides individuals and small business owners through every step of the judicial process. “Litigation is more than just the end result—litigation is everything that leads up to the end result.” view full bio +

Ryan Haas

Ryan Haas draws on his additional experience as a college professor to make complex concepts accessible to his clients, and works closely with them to devise strategies that make their goals a reality. view full bio +

Terry Isselhard

Like many of his clients, Terry Isselhard is an entrepreneur. He understands the unique challenges business owners face and works closely with his clients to make their goals a reality. view full bio +

Ed Josephson

Ed Josephson has been practicing law for many years and still enjoys his work and demonstrating the value of putting the client first. "I like what I'm doing, and it shows." view full bio +

Loretto Kennedy

Loretto Kennedy: Our motto, right there with you, means our clients count on us to look out for their best interests. Knowing we've earned that level of trust is everything. view full bio +

Lindsey Markus

Lindsey Markus draws on her background in finance and business development to think outside the box and provide clients with complex, creative solutions that meet their end goals. view full bio +

Adam Moreland

Longevity is key for Adam Moreland. The long-term relationships Adam develops with his clients enable him to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness throughout the legal process. view full bio +

David Shiner

David Shiner regularly deals with the IRS on tax controversy matters and doesn’t back down from taking cases to trial when necessary. "We're going to fight to get the best result for our client." view full bio +

Andy Tecson

Andy Tecson immerses himself in the philosophy, mission and values of his healthcare clients, which allows him to take a comprehensive perspective when guiding them through the ever-changing regulatory climate. view full bio +

David Tecson

As a healthcare attorney with a focus on litigation, David Tecson enjoys advocating for his clients and delivering results that meet their needs. “It’s an honor and a privilege to practice law.” view full bio +

Mitch Weinstein

Having practical, hands-on experience with business operations enables Mitch Weinstein to understand the concerns of his clients and better advise them on corporate, tax and estate planning issues. view full bio +

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Our culture

Right there with you is more than just our tagline. It’s our way of life--guiding us each and every day in servicing our clients.

History of Chuhak & Tecson

Tom Chuhak and Joe Tecson were giants in the legal profession who brought their passion, excellence and a grandfatherly warmth to the law firm they founded 25 years ago.

Community service chat

Philanthropy and a culture of leading by example remain at the heart of Chuhak & Tecson. In honor of our Silver Anniversary, we launched 25 Ways to Give Back in 2012.