Practice Subgroup

Loan documentation

The core of a loan consists of the fundamental documents evidencing and securing it. Our Banking Group has a wide range of experience working with loans in multiple instances, including aviation/aircraft loans, healthcare industry transactions, commercial real estate (including owner-occupied, multi-family and industrial properties), leasehold financing, construction loans, loans to not-for-profit entities as well as more run-of-the-mill working capital loans. Their respective issues are swiftly and efficiently assessed and included in our documents. Every one of our attorneys involved in the crafting of "front-end" loan documents also has experience with how loans can go wrong.

A primary strength of our practice group is our ability to be sure that our clients are protected, insofar as possible, for that possibility. We also work with our lender clients to provide a suite of documents adapted to their particular needs, including within them solutions and strategies for dealing with defaults, should one occur. Beyond the basics, our Banking Group is proficient with more esoteric documents, including Intercreditor Agreements, Subordination Agreements, Letters of Credit, Participation Agreements and specialized pledges and assignments. Whatever your documentation needs, we can meet them.