Practice Subgroup

Client counseling and representation

Our estate and trust attorneys provide special client assistance and guidance in unique ways. A primary way we at Chuhak & Tecson assist our clients is in the proper end-of-life planning and counsel. Not only do our attorneys prepare advance directives and healthcare and property powers of attorney, thereby avoiding the need for guardianship court proceedings for a disabled person, but we also assist the agent with their fiduciary responsibilities. The agent under a power of attorney is in an extra-special fiduciary relationship with the principal, which is a heavily scrutinized position of control and power. Given this position of control and power, there is a higher degree of scrutiny and absolute fair dealing required by the agent. We provide experienced counsel to the agent to help them make sure they "dot the i's" and "cross the t's." Exceptional legal advice is becoming more and more critical for these fiduciaries, and we provide it.

In addition, we provide legal advice and representation in end-of-life decision making to a surrogate decision maker. We work close by with the client, the family and the medical team, to provide assistance in this most difficult time.

Client counseling also includes family dispute resolution, mediation and/or counseling. We have the legal knowledge and practical ability to advise our clients of available settlement options. While we have the talent and experience to effectively litigate a matter through the court system, it is often in our clients' best interests to seek a non-judicial alternative remedy through settlement of disputed matters. We have represented dozens of clients in the Cook County probate court's pretrial mediations calendar with successful results, and we have helped our clients avoid costly trials through out-of-court mediations as well. The attorneys at Chuhak & Tecson offer innovative and creative solutions to help our clients reach resolutions.