Practice Subgroup

Corporate income tax planning

Chuhak & Tecson attorneys have extensive experience in corporate income tax planning. The firm represents businesses in all types of income tax matters -planning, return preparation, and dealings with the Internal Revenue Service- throughout the life cycle of the business.

The firm provides corporate income tax planning on formation of the corporation by helping clients determine what form of entity would be most tax-effective for the business (C corporation, S corporation, partnership, or limited liability company). Our attorneys then provide corporate income tax planning during the operation of the corporation by working with clients in developing strategies to defer taxable income, minimize taxable income, and maximize taxable deductions. We also provide corporate income tax planning on termination of the corporation by advising clients on how to transfer or liquidate the corporation in a tax-effective manner (including without limitation, advising on tax issues from mergers and acquisitions, sales of assets, sales of stock, reorganizations, and dissolutions). This area of the firm's practice is closely integrated with the firm's Corporate Transactions and Business Law practice.

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