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Corporate restructuring and insolvency

The attorneys at Chuhak & Tecson are adept in corporate restructurings, state and federal insolvency proceedings and bankruptcy litigation. Our clients include debtors, creditors, secured and unsecured parties, indenture trustees, bond insurers, venture capitalists, lessors and contract parties, asset purchasers, equity holders, directors and court-appointed fiduciaries. Our attorneys swiftly and efficiently assess our client's source of financial distress and work to devise and implement innovative alternatives to preserve value and fulfill our client's business objectives.

In analyzing our clients' situations, we strive to avoid a bankruptcy filing and to provide creative out-of-court restructuring advice and options through debt restructurings and financial recapitalizations. By understanding the concerns and expectations of distressed businesses, we are able to quickly identify, negotiate and implement strategies that can achieve our clients' objectives more effectively.

If bankruptcy is the most viable restructuring option, our attorneys with extensive bankruptcy experience position us to achieve successful results. However, today's complex financial crises require more than experience with bankruptcy law. Tax, real estate, corporate, employment and benefits, banking, construction, insurance and other areas of the law can play a critical role in realizing the greatest business outcome in any given case.

Invariably, there are income tax consequences to most transactions, including restructuring and insolvency. Our tax attorneys work closely with our corporate attorneys to assess the tax consequences of a contemplated restructuring or recapitalization, and to craft a solution for our client which minimizes the overall tax results.

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