Practice Subgroup

Estate and inheritance tax return preparation

As a result of having one of the largest and most comprehensive estate administration practices in Illinois, Chuhak & Tecson attorneys counsel numerous executors and representatives of estates as to their estate and inheritance tax return filing obligations. This routinely consists of assisting our probate department in gathering the necessary information to complete and file all necessary returns with a goal of minimizing the total death tax obligation. This process also consists of review and implementation of the tax strategies and documents executed prior to death and recognizing post mortem tax opportunities, including disclaimers.

In addition, members of the practice group have extensive experience in dealing with the Internal Revenue Service and state agencies when such returns are audited. We strive to resolve all matters with Internal Revenue Service's attorneys on audit, however, if all issues cannot be resolved we will file required appeals, and if necessary, petition the case to Tax Court. Such matters are routinely referred to the firm from certified public accountants and other professionals for assistance in preparation of estate tax returns, advice as to complex estate tax issues, or handling an estate tax return audit.

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