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Tax audits and other controversies

Our attorneys are experienced in representing our client's interests regarding federal and state tax matters. Generally, our representation begins after the accountant is unable to resolve a tax matter at the audit level. The agent will summarize the audit adjustments and calculate the proposed tax.

We are able to step in by your side, review the facts and applicable tax law and frame a protest putting the taxpayer's position in the best light. Most of our federal tax controversies are settled at the IRS Appeals level. The IRS Appeals Officers are familiar with our attorneys and know we will not hesitate to take a case before the U.S. Tax Court if we do not get a favorable resolution.

Some recent cases we have handled in Tax Court addressed issues including, federal estate tax, passive activity losses, capitalization of tangible property, reasonable compensation, innocent spouse relief, bona fide loan and son-of-boss transactions. We also have experience representing clients regarding state and local tax matters, including Illinois use tax, Illinois income tax and Chicago lease tax.

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