Legislative Updates & Alerts Archive
Legislative Updates & Alerts Archive
1Statute of limitations argument sours in Sower
Oct 12, 2017
2Big changes coming to partnership audit rules
Sep 7, 2017
3Review and adjust your Illinois income tax withholding
Sep 7, 2017
4A review of beneficiary designations may save employers headaches down the road
Sep 7, 2017
5The nail in the coffin: Judge invalidates DOL’s overtime rule?
Sep 1, 2017
6Security interests in motor and other titled vehicles
Aug 23, 2017
7Are you confident your SBA loans are “fully secured”?
Aug 23, 2017
8Secured lenders benefit from proposed changes to Illinois’ Civil Asset Forfeiture Law
Aug 23, 2017
9U.S. Department of Labor is seeking your input on the FLSA overtime exemptions
Aug 17, 2017
10Update on appeal of 2016 overtime rule
Aug 17, 2017
11Employers beware: New Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification required as of Sept. 18, 2017
Aug 17, 2017
12A reminder to “sharpen your pencil” when analyzing commercial real estate acquisitions
Aug 10, 2017
13What SBA lenders need to know about equity injection
Jun 30, 2017
14City of Chicago/Cook County paid sick leave ordinances: Notices now available
Jun 27, 2017
15Hively v. Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana
Jun 15, 2017
16Illinois’ Temporary Visitor Driver’s License: An acceptable I-9 document?
Jun 8, 2017
17Planning to sell your business? Key considerations for every business owner
Jun 8, 2017
18Certain claims against successor banks may not receive a day in court
May 25, 2017
19“I ain’t afraid of no goats” because I have title insurance
May 25, 2017
20A lender’s “golden share” may not be so golden
May 25, 2017
21Will your paid time off policy satisfy the requirements of Chicago/Cook County’s paid sick leave laws?
May 25, 2017
22Is time off more important than money to your employees?
May 25, 2017
23U.S. Department of Labor granted more time to defend overtime rule
May 25, 2017
24Will repeal of federal safe harbors be the death knell of Illinois’ Secure Choice Savings Program?
May 25, 2017
25Crowdfunding in commercial real estate
May 11, 2017
26Only God can make a tree…only man can make a case out of it
May 11, 2017
27NFL franchise relocations = Big real estate business
May 11, 2017
28Business divorce
Mar 9, 2017
29The future of estate planning under a Trump administration
Mar 9, 2017
30A summary of the 2017 changes to the Condominium Property Act and Common Interest Community Association Act
Mar 7, 2017
31Rules and regulations for HOAs
Mar 7, 2017
32After the Spanish Court case: Limits of Board authority to maintain collection action highlighted in recent appellate court opinion
Mar 7, 2017
33Don’t forget your Declaration: Appeals Court confirms necessity of the Declaration and Covenants in collection actions
Mar 7, 2017
34Creditors force March Madness icon into settlement using involuntary bankruptcy
Feb 23, 2017
35Creditors must file a proof of claim by the deadline in order to be included in Chapter 13 bankruptcy plans
Feb 23, 2017
36It’s not just residential buildings—commercial and industrial buildings are now subject to the Chicago Vacant Property Registration Ordinance
Feb 23, 2017
37Corporations and LLCs must have legal representation at administrative hearings
Feb 9, 2017
38Fixing your “broken” condo building
Feb 9, 2017
39Will Governor Rauner pay my mother’s real estate taxes?
Feb 9, 2017
40Days after it became effective, Illinois changed and clarified the Illinois Employee Sick Leave Act
Feb 6, 2017
41IRS had no basis to disallow losses
Feb 2, 2017
42IRS deems façade easements to be façades
Jan 27, 2017
43New Illinois laws that impact employers in the New Year
Jan 5, 2017
44State amends Illinois Secure Choice Savings Program Act
Dec 19, 2016
45CMS new conditions of participation: New behavioral health mandates
Dec 15, 2016
46Getting ready for the 2017 changes to the Illinois LLC Act
Dec 8, 2016
47IRS threatens to eliminate discounts on transfers of family business interests
Dec 8, 2016
48Not every injunction is granted in Texas: No preliminary nationwide ban on anti-retaliation provisions of new OSHA workplace injury reporting rule
Dec 1, 2016
49Cook County adopts living wage ordinance, effective July 1, 2017, gradually raising the minimum wage to $13 per hour by July 1, 2020
Nov 22, 2016
50Lenders’ issuance of Form 1099-C may not preclude future collection efforts
Nov 17, 2016
51A bend in the road is not always the end of the road
Nov 17, 2016
52Don’t get served! CFPB issues revised mortgage servicing regulations
Nov 17, 2016
53Mortgage servicers should plan to implement new internal policies to coincide with the amendments to the CFPB servicing rules
Nov 9, 2016
54It is almost Election Day! What are Illinois employers’ obligations on Election Day?
Oct 26, 2016
55CMS finalizes new conditions of participation for long-term care facilities; prohibits use of binding arbitration agreements with residents
Sep 30, 2016
56Illinois to prevent employers from using non-compete agreements with low-wage employees
Sep 27, 2016
57Some Illinois employers must offer child bereavement leave
Sep 23, 2016
58Illinois passes Sick Leave Act
Sep 20, 2016
59Medical cannabis and the workplace
Sep 8, 2016
60Commercial leases: enhancing your "options"
Sep 8, 2016
61Using deferred compensation plans to reward key employees
Sep 8, 2016
62Illinois Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights Act signed into law
Aug 29, 2016
63Successor developer status requires a recorded, written, assignment of rights – PA 99-0569
Jul 22, 2016
64Chicago Associations blocking short-term rentals should report rental restrictions to limit short-term rental licenses
Jul 22, 2016
65Springfield offers some relief from Palm II
Jul 22, 2016
66Property Managers must review Association documents before entering into service agreements
Jul 22, 2016
67Understanding the rigorous SBA liquidation process is crucial for SBA lenders
Jun 28, 2016
68Supreme Court upholds implied false certification liability under the False Claims Act
Jun 23, 2016
69Deciding whether to borrow and what criteria should be used when evaluating and negotiating terms for the loan
Jun 23, 2016
70Sales of condominium properties pursuant to Section 15 of the Condo Act
Jun 23, 2016
71Appellate Court decides issue of post-judgment collection fees for condominium orders for possession
Jun 23, 2016
72Collecting delinquent Assessments from units and owners
Jun 23, 2016
73Appellate ruling rejects attempts to limit condominium leasing through rules
Jun 23, 2016
74Cyber insurance 101: What you need to know
Jun 23, 2016
75Starting next July, Chicago joins a number of other cities in requiring paid sick leave
Jun 22, 2016
76Why are corporate minutes such a big deal?
Jun 9, 2016
77Those pesky mechanics lien claims
Jun 9, 2016
78Finally, good news for business taxpayers
Jun 9, 2016
79U.S. Department of Labor announces new rule to expand overtime eligibility for administrative, executive and professional employees
May 18, 2016
80Illinois Senate unanimously passes Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Act: This law may directly impact you!
May 16, 2016
81Update: Final overtime rule headed to Office of Management and Budget
May 11, 2016
82Taxpayers have no business deducting hobby losses
May 5, 2016
83Transgender rights at the forefront of national debate: Employers should be paying attention
Apr 28, 2016
84Student athletes miss another shot at certification
Apr 27, 2016
85Oral Argument held in Universal Health Services, Inc. v. United States ex rel. Escobar
Apr 25, 2016
86Super Tuesday Is Nearly Here: What Are Illinois Employers’ Obligations On Election Day?
Mar 10, 2016
87What does personal goodwill have to do with ice cream?
Mar 9, 2016
88Are your business interests titled in your trust?
Mar 9, 2016
89The exit strategy
Mar 9, 2016
90C Corporation law firm sees huge tax bill
Feb 18, 2016
91Electronic monitoring is here: is your nursing home ready?
Feb 8, 2016
92Recent changes to Illinois laws: expansion of Equal Pay Act
Jan 29, 2016
93A new and powerful tool to compel prompt payment of assessments
Jan 28, 2016
94Navigating the currents of timely notice in third-party liability policies: best practices
Jan 28, 2016
95Overview of changes to the Condominium Property Act for 2016
Jan 28, 2016
96Overview of changes to the Common Interest Community Associations Act effective July 2016
Jan 28, 2016
97Interpretation of the False Claims Act
Jan 28, 2016
98Ninth Circuit punts on college athletes’ rights
Dec 10, 2015
99Ignorance is no defense: Knowing your legal obligations to transgender employees
Dec 3, 2015
100Top 10 List – What policyholders need to know about insurance coverage to maximize recovery
Nov 20, 2015
101Employees’ rights to extra pay: The Illinois Wage Payment Collection Act’s regulations on bonus and vacation pay
Sep 3, 2015
102The Department of Labor proposes significant change to overtime rules
Sep 3, 2015
103Discrimination claims under the cat’s paw
Sep 3, 2015
104Discount gifting of FLP interests may be on the way out
Aug 6, 2015
105Ensuring compliance with the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA)
Aug 3, 2015
106Tax rates for irrevocable trust income nears 50 percent - are annuities an option?
Jul 23, 2015
107The ABLE Act
Jul 23, 2015
108Wealth transfer strategies, Part I - the ILIT
Jul 23, 2015
109Cyber Liability: Are you protected? Examining your coverage in the wake of the first decision under a “cyber” insurance policy
Jul 2, 2015
110IRS backs off on advance
Jun 18, 2015
111Employee Handbooks in the cross hairs
Jun 11, 2015
112Do not retaliate!
Jun 11, 2015
113Pregnant employees may need reasonable accommodations
Jun 11, 2015
114Chicago is raising its minimum wage to $10.00 per hour on July 1
Apr 22, 2015
115Sleeping on the job may not be misconduct for purposes of unemployment compensation
Mar 12, 2015
116DOL changes definition of 'spouse’ under the FMLA
Mar 12, 2015
117HIPAA hurts: jury verdict upheld against Walgreen Co. for $1.8 million
Mar 12, 2015
118Is your business prepared for 2015?
Dec 23, 2014
119Illinois expands sexual harassment protections to unpaid interns
Dec 22, 2014
120Illinois approves the use of pay cards for employee compensation
Dec 22, 2014
121HIPAA compliance alert: how to defend against a data breach
Dec 2, 2014
122New protections for pregnant employees in Illinois
Oct 17, 2014
123Commentary on new Illinois estate planning and probate laws
Oct 10, 2014
124To Fido, I bequeath: a look at pet trusts
Oct 10, 2014
125Don't let your digital assets die with you
Oct 10, 2014
126The FMLA and unforeseeable leave
Oct 8, 2014
127Illinois leads the nation in employer audits of misclassified workers
Oct 8, 2014
128Growing trend 'ban the box' comes to Illinois: revisions to hiring practices and criminal background checks
Sep 4, 2014
129Amendments may be needed in the new tax landscape
Jun 26, 2014
130Healthcare document highlights
Jun 26, 2014
131Avoid bad planning, late planning and lack of planning when estate planning
Jun 26, 2014
132Summer camp non-competes: Some limits to the scope of non-competition restrictions
Jun 24, 2014
133Overtime pay: Does your small business follow the Fair Labor Standards Act?
Jun 24, 2014
134Withholding pay can cost you as an employer
Jun 24, 2014
135Create a strategy for your financial future
Apr 10, 2014
136Does the newly effective Medicare surtax apply to you?
Apr 10, 2014
1375 steps to protect the fruits of your labor
Apr 10, 2014
138New Illinois labor statutes demand compliance from employers
Apr 2, 2014
139Employers must know when their obligations are triggered by the ADA
Apr 2, 2014
140Social media generates amendment to Right to Privacy Act
Apr 2, 2014
141Changes to Illinois laws enforced by the Illinois Department of Labor
Dec 20, 2013
142Summary of Affordable Care Act provisions impacting employers
Nov 20, 2013
143Estate planning for digital assets
Nov 6, 2013
144Health insurance marketplace set to open, expected to affect small businesses
Sep 18, 2013
145Chicago City Council approves "Keep Chicago Renting" ordinance
Jun 12, 2013
146Health insurance marketplace notices must be given to new and current employees
May 23, 2013
147U.S. government issues new Form I-9 for use by all employers
Mar 11, 2013
148Recent changes to the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act: What you need to know when bidding and contracting public projects
Jan 8, 2013
149Additional service requirements for financial institutions in Illinois mortgage foreclosure cases
Sep 7, 2012
1502012 Update: Estate Planning and Taxation
Mar 14, 2012
151Legitimate Business Interest Test for an Enforceable Covenant Not-to-Compete Affirmed by the Illinois Supreme Court
Jan 31, 2012
152Illinois Supreme Court refuses to hear appeal of denial of real estate tax exemption for senior living facility
Nov 28, 2011
153Retirement Plan Beneficiary Designations: The good, the bad and the ugly!
Aug 11, 2011
154New Illinois Power of Attorney forms effective in 2011
Apr 22, 2011
155The New Estate Tax Legislation and What it Means to You!
Jan 19, 2011
156The Name of the Debtor UCC Financing Statements, Getting it Right
Dec 10, 2010
157Illinois Supreme Court Rules -- No Limits on Medical Malpractice Damages
Apr 13, 2010
158No Estate Tax in 2010? Not Necessarily a Good Thing!
Feb 12, 2009
159WHBAA – How to Leverage EXPANDED NOL Legislation
Feb 8, 2010
160Set Your Sights on "Situs" Considerations
Dec 1, 2009
161Interested in Saving $209,124 in Estate Taxes?
Oct 8, 2009
162Deadline is Sept. 23 for Amnesty Program in IRS vs. UBS Case
Aug 19, 2009
163Note the New Notary Requirements
Jun 18, 2009
164First-time Homebuyer Credit: Read the Fine Print First
Jun 16, 2009
165FDIC Insurance Coverage
Jun 15, 2009
166American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: How to Leverage New NOL Legislation
May 14, 2009
167Drafting the Key Players in Your Estate Plan
May 14, 2009
168The ABCs of D&O Insurance
Apr 30, 2009
169Emergency Response for Financial Catastrophe
Apr 20, 2009
170Public Exposure of Private Contracts
Mar 30, 2009
171New COBRA Subsidy May Affect You!
Feb 27, 2009
172Highlights From the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act That Effect Everyday American Households
Feb 27, 2009
173Facebook Creates Potential for Brand Theft
Aug 19, 2009