Supporting Our Communities

  • Chuhak & Tecson participates in Celebrate Diversity Month

    As part of Chuhak & Tecson’s ongoing Diversity & Inclusion initiative, we participate in Diversity Month, which began in 2004 as a way to honor and celebrate diversity throughout the world. Year-round we are dedicated to creating an environment where each person feels supported, valued and able to achieve their personal best. Celebrate Diversity Month reminds us that by celebrating our differences and similarities, we will inevitably gain a deeper understanding of and respect for each other. This celebration deeply reflects our ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion.

    This year, we are recognizing this month by launching a program titled “Broadening Perspectives,” in which our attorneys and staff are encouraged each week to watch a short video clip and participate in a discussion on topics including, disabilities and inclusion, race, age and voter suppression.

    To learn about Chuhak & Tecson’s Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, click here.

  •  Chuhak & Tecson recognizes Black Women’s History Month

    During Black Women’s History Month, Chuhak & Tecson emphasizes the importance of learning about the oppression, struggles and successes of women within the black community in accordance with society’s evolving consciousness.

    The opportunity to build understanding and perpetuate truths regarding black women in history is upon us during the month of April. By visiting museums, engaging in art, studying literature and taking the all-important step of learning the rich history of past, present and future generations of not only black women, but all minority women who are of African descent, are a few of many ways we can better educate ourselves.

    In a Forbes 2017 article titled “What’s the Next Trend in Leadership? Black Women,” Paolo Gaudiano and Ellen Hunt wrote, “Black women face well-documented adversities, ranging from socio-economic hurdles to unconscious bias and discrimination. [T]hey have used adversity to fuel their determination, hone their talent and build their resistance. And now they are using their success to raise their visibility, share their experiences and inspire more black women to take up the challenge of leadership.”

    For more information about Black Women’s History month, please visit

  • glenhagen farm retreat, an educational and spiritual retreat


    Chuhak & Tecson principal Andy Tecson and his wife, Nancy Hagen, established the not for profit glenhagen farm retreat  to provide youth from all walks of life with the opportunity to experience the extraordinary wonders of the ecosystems. The farm, which offers educational and worship opportunities related to the arts, religion, ecosystems, astronomy and sustainable agriculture, welcomes schools, colleges, churches, synagogues, temples, mosques and other houses of worship, and also not for profit corporations, that seek a place to grow, experience and explore the wonders of God’s creation. 

    Amenities added since the farm’s opening—a volleyball court, raised garden bed, fire pit for campfires and stone paths—were well-used by campers who visited in summer 2019 such as Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, Harmony Community Church, Kingsley School’s Girl Scouts, League of United Latin American Citizens, Project Exploration, Refugee Education & Adventure CHallenge, and West Town Bikes. 

    For more information on glenhagen farm retreat, or to learn how to get involved, contact

  • Joseph A. Tecson Scholarship Fund


    The scholarship is administered by DePaul and is open to any first-year law student both in good academic standing and with proven financial need, with a preference for those who have performed community service. It provides support to one new student each year with books and supplies and is renewable for those students who remain in good academic standing. Deadlines for applications are on a rolling basis. Click here to learn more about the scholarship fund.