Articles & Publications Archive
Articles & Publications Archive
1Banking Focus: Summer 2023
Aug 23, 2023
2Corporate Focus: Summer 2023
Aug 9, 2023
3Deadline shmedline — wiggle room exists for 90-day rule to file tax court petition
Jul 26, 2023
4Real Estate Focus: Summer 2023
Jul 13, 2023
5The Cost of Aging is Astronomical: A Deeper Look at How to Afford to Live Out Your Golden Years
Jun 5, 2023
6Mitch's Message: Spring 2023
May 11, 2023
7Real Estate Focus: Spring 2023
May 2, 2023
8Banking Focus: Spring 2023
Apr 20, 2023
9Corporate Focus: Spring 2023
Apr 6, 2023
10Chicago Lawyer Magazine: All together now - Chuhak & Tecson's new office unites firm on single floor
Mar 3, 2023
11Chicago Lawyer Magazine: All together now - Chuhak & Tecson's new office unites firm on single floor
Feb 10, 2023
12Real Estate Focus: Winter 2022
Dec 20, 2022
13Mitch's Message: Winter 2022
Dec 16, 2022
14Banking Focus: Winter 2022
15Corporate Focus: Winter 2022
Dec 5, 2022
16Mitch's Fall Message 2022: Women Helping Women 2022
Nov 10, 2022
17The False Claims Act - The Government's Main Weapon against Contractor Fraud
Sep 7, 2022
18Real Estate Focus: Summer 2022
19Shiner's Dollars with Sense: Summer 2022
20Banking Focus: Summer 2022
21Corporate Focus: Summer 2022
Aug 12, 2022
22Understanding the benefits of city's Neighborhood Opportunity Fund
23Mitch's Message: Summer 2022
Jul 21, 2022
24Shiner's Dollars with Sense: Can a tax return be considered filed when sent to an IRS employee?
Jun 14, 2022
25Mitch's Message: Spring 2022
26Banking Focus: Spring 2022
27Corporate Focus Newsletter: Spring 2022
28Medical restrictive covenants in 2022
29Real Estate Focus: Spring 2022
30Shiner's Dollars with Sense: March 2022
Mar 25, 2022
31The WLF Legal Pulse: When is a penalty under the False Claims Act Unconstitutional?
32Mitch's Message: Winter 2022
Jan 19, 2022
332021 - a tax year of uncertainty
34Stock sale or asset sale
35Corporate Focus: Winter 2021
36CBA Record: It's what we give - life skills for adults with disabilities
37Shiner's Dollars with Sense: November 2021
38Cook County residential landlords - look out for the Residential Tenant and Landlord Ordinance
39Real Estate Focus: Fall 2021
40It's time to review your privacy policies.
41Thinking of selling your business? Here are five things to do to prepare.
42Corporate Focus: Fall 2021
43Mitch's Message: Fall 2021
44Employment Focus: Sept. 2021
45Banking Focus: Summer 2021
46Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Understanding the benefits of city's Neighborhood Opportunity Fund
47Large and small scale commercial projects may qualify for the Neighborhood Opportunity Fund
48The health of Section 1031 like-kind real estate exchanges
49Real Estate Focus: Summer 2021
50The WLF Legal Pulse: The Fifth Circuit weighs in on government dismissal of Qui Tam actions—is Congress next?
51Employment Focus: July 2021
52Mitch's Message: Summer 2021
53If and when will the tax laws be changing?
54Want $10 million of capital gains exclusion? How about $50 million?
55Corporate Focus: Summer 2021
56First District of Illinois Appellate Court confirms no six-month service requirement in mortgage foreclosure lis pendens statute
57Real estate held in tenancy by the entirety cannot be foreclosed to satisfy debt of one spouse
58Banking Focus: Spring 2021
59Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Want $10 million of capital gains exclusion? How about $50 million?
60Chicago Small Business Improvement Fund (SBIF)
61Special use zoning in Chicago
62Washington Legal Foundation Publication: Why government should be bound by judgments in non-intervened cases
63Tax Court upholds IRS' newest collection weapon
64Shiner's Dollars with Sense: April 2021
65Chicago Medicine: Restructuring medical practice ownership
66Employment Focus: March 2021
67Corporate Focus: Spring 2021
68IRS seeks punishment over cash rewards credit card program
69Shiner's Dollars with Sense: March 2021
70Banking Focus: Winter 2020
71Illinois Minimum Wage Law increases minimum wage and adds penalties for record keeping missteps
72Condos, HOAs and remote voting
73Restructuring company ownership while maintaining control
74Corporate Focus: Winter 2020
75Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Well crafted estate plan could be perfect gift for an adopted child
76Mortgage lenders can successfully defend their liens against the bankruptcy trustee's avoidance powers
77Corporate Focus: Fall 2020
78Paycheck Protection Program: closed but issues remain
79COVID-19 considerations for sale/purchase of a business
80EEOC issues guidance to help employers and employees navigate opioid addiction
81IDHR issues form to report adverse judgments and administrative rulings of sexual harassment or unlawful employment discrimination
82Employment Focus: September 2020
83Tax Court rejects specific dollar gift clause
84Failure to read a form may result in homelessness
85Illinois evictions to remain on hold until July 26, 2020
86Real Estate Focus: Summer 2020
87Financial institutions can mitigate losses by asserting fraudulent conveyance claims
88An introduction to the Federal Reserve's new Main Street Lending Program
89Lawyer loses litigation with IRS on taxation of litigation financing
90The WLF Legal Pulse: falsity under the False Claims Act—the need for an objective standard of proof
91Illinois releases model sexual harassment prevention training program
92Don't forget that mandatory disclosures to the Illinois Department of Human Rights are due July 1
93Annual gifts: An effective way to transfer wealth
Apr 1, 2020
94Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Federal tax legislation lays out estate tax regime through 2025
Apr 1, 2020
95Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Important reasons and tips to update an estate plan
Apr 1, 2020
96Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Funding the future: Grandparents have many ways to help loved ones
Apr 1, 2020
97Real Estate Focus: Spring 2020
98The WLF Legal Pulse: United States v. Aseracare—reasonable opinions do not establish falsity in False Claims Act cases
Mar 23, 2020
99Condominium & Community Association Focus
100What Illinois businesses need to know about California's new privacy law
Mar 5, 2020
101Corporate Focus: Spring 2020
Mar 5, 2020
102Historical basis of right of setoff
Feb 20, 2020
103Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019 helps small businesses reorganize
Feb 20, 2020
104Do you have a right of setoff clause?
Feb 20, 2020
105Banking Focus: Winter 2020
Feb 20, 2020
106Cook County Housing Ordinance's Just Housing Amendment: to rent or not to rent? The rules for criminal background checks
Feb 6, 2020
107Drowning out the drones: trespass and FAA registration
Feb 6, 2020
108The SECURE Act – a Congressional holiday gift?
Jan 28, 2020
109Free snacks: Department of Labor issues new final rule regarding "regular rate of pay"
Jan 28, 2020
110California's Fair Pay to Play Act
Jan 28, 2020
111Leading Lawyers: A pioneer in condo deconversion work
Jan 7, 2020
112The WLF Legal Pulse: To seal or not to seal—The government's abuse of the sealing prerogative in False Claims Act qui tam cases
Dec 3, 2019
113The Globe: Teaching advocacy in arbitration on the international stage
Nov 26, 2019
114In the Alternative: Teaching advocacy in arbitration on the international stage
Oct 28, 2019
115Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Estate planning basics something everyone should be familiar with
Oct 17, 2019
116The WLF Legal Pulse: U.S. ex rel. Glenn: what we can learn from Cisco's Settlement of FCA suit alleging cybersecurity violations
Oct 4, 2019
117Chicago Lawyer: Preserving history
Oct 1, 2019
118The WLF Legal Pulse: Time for a Brady-type disclosure requirement for federal government in False Claims Act litigation
Jul 19, 2019
119Leading Lawyers: Giving, teaching and estate planning with heart and humanity
Jun 14, 2019
120The WLF Legal Pulse: Does DOJ's Qui Tam Dismissal Policy Go Far Enough?
Apr 22, 2019
121TMA News Bulletin: HR Peer group discusses new state laws
Feb 26, 2019
122The WLF Legal Pulse: A Material Change: FCA Defendants Confront Altered Pleading Standard in Ninth Circuit after Rose and Campie
Feb 25, 2019
123Shiner's Dollars with Sense: January 2019
Jan 29, 2019
124Common Ground: Windy city shuffle
Jan 18, 2019
125The WLF Legal Pulse: End the Endless Extensions of the Seal Period in False Claims Act Qui Tam Cases
Jan 7, 2019
126The Akron Legal News: Stay in front of the new tax act and give to charitable causes
Nov 28, 2018
127Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: One way to stay in front of the new tax act and give to charitable causes
Nov 19, 2018
128The WLF Legal Pulse:The Government's Duty to Preserve Evidence in a Non-Intervened "Qui Tam" Case
Nov 13, 2018
129Author of chapter sections on managed care litigation for Illinois Medical Practice published by Westlaw (2018)
Nov 13, 2018
130Co-author of the Remedies chapter for the 2018 Practice Handbook on Employment Discrimination published by the Illinois Institute of Continuing Legal Education
Nov 12, 2018
131Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Tax obligations for online retail sales not so easy to avoid anymore
Oct 31, 2018
132Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Chuhak & Tecson sees new leader take helm
133Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Lower LLC filing fees opens up a number of business opportunities
Jun 21, 2018
134Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: With reproductive tech advances, legislature recognizes posthumously conceived children
Apr 19, 2018
135Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: New act gives families way to provide healthcare for disabled loved ones
Oct 20, 2016
136Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: IRS regulations promise to shake things up
Aug 26, 2016
137Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Congressional change to IRA plans provides win-win for clients, charities
Feb 26, 2016
138Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Estate planning for same-sex couples in light of Obergefell
Oct 13, 2015
139Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Annual gifts: An effective way to transfer wealth
Sep 30, 2015
140Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: New law aims to stop financial elder abuse from caregivers
Jul 6, 2015
141Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: The evolving same-sex marriage landscape
Apr 9, 2015
142Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Updates to power of attorney for health-care issues in effect Jan.1
Nov 24, 2014
143Attorney at Law Magazine: Chicago Loop Edition: The three principles of estate planning
Nov 17, 2014
144Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: The POLST form: Helping Spell out the details of quality end-of-life care
Oct 10, 2014
145Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Getting 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status gets EZ-er
Sep 12, 2014
146Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Peace of mind – Buddhism and estate plans
Jul 31, 2014
147Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Not all LLCs are created equal, so make sure yours matches your needs
Jun 13, 2014
148Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: A lurking federal tax law minefield
May 12, 2014
149Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Save millions with estate tax return
Apr 8, 2014
150Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Options for transferring real estate properties at death
Feb 24, 2014
151Estate tax relief, income tax headache: Estate planning and the American Taxpayer Relief Act; 2014
Feb 18, 2014
152Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Assisted reproductive technology poses new estate planning questions
Feb 5, 2014
153Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Same-sex marriage and estate planning
Jan 22, 2014
154Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Death, taxes and divorce: Why every ex-spouse needs a new estate plan
Nov 6, 2013
155Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Policy frees up snowbirds to give charitably
Oct 4, 2013
156Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Life insurance lessons from a 'Sopranos' star
Sep 9, 2013
157Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Estate planning implications after DOMA decision from high court
Jul 17, 2013
158Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Do inherited IRAs protect assets well?
Jul 3, 2013
159Doctrine of Election: Illinois Supreme Court rules after 50 years
Jun 28, 2013
160Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Much to consider when estate plans involve individuals with special needs
Apr 26, 2013
161Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: How to up FDIC coverage of a trust account
Apr 8, 2013
162Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Collaborative law practice requires training, but empowers participants
Mar 7, 2013
163Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: New law will help retool outdated trusts
Feb 27, 2013
164Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Several tax cuts now become permanent
Jan 23, 2013
165Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Ethical concerns may exist for lawyers who use social media
Dec 17, 2012
166Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: QPRTs act as smart wealth-transfer tool
Nov 26, 2012
167Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Changes come to powers of attorney
Oct 29, 2012
168Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Process to become Florida resident involves variety of steps, reminders
Oct 1, 2012
169Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Creative transfers of wealth may disappear by end of calendar year
Sep 5, 2012
170Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Mediation encourages attorneys to step out of their 'zone of control'
Aug 15, 2012
171Trusts for pets are on the rise. Chuhak & Tecson principal Lindsey Markus weighs in on this hot topic.
Aug 8, 2012
172Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Law clerks add value, need mentors too
Jul 16, 2012
173Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: TBE ownership becomes more powerful
Jun 29, 2012
174Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Certain principles guide a person during estate planning
Apr 25, 2012
175Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Planned giving permits larger donations
Mar 26, 2012
176The Administrator's Advantage: Feeling Over-Wellnessed?
Feb 9, 2012
177Pet Trust Checklist: Issues to Consider When Creating a Pet Trust & Providing Instructions for the Care of Your Furry Friends
Aug 4, 2009
178Attorney-Client Relationships: Neuroscience to the Rescue
Sep 1, 2007
179Why Smart People Do Dumb Things
May 17, 2007
180Balancing the Legal Mind
Jun 3, 2004