Dr. Jones was a successful surgeon with a thriving practice. However, having witnessed colleagues face frivolous lawsuits, Dr. Jones was concerned his malpractice insurance might not provide sufficient coverage. He wanted to make certain he would be able to continue to provide for his wife and children with peace of mind.

After a review of Dr. Jones' personal and professional asset portfolio, a customized wealth protection plan was implemented. The plan effectively used corporate structures to segment Dr. Jones' medical practice from valuable personal assets. The plan further stripped out valuable operating equipment, management responsibilities and real property from the medical practice, making these assets more difficult for potential malpractice creditors to reach.

The plan was designed to work in conjunction with Dr. Jones' estate plan to minimize potential taxes and maximize the transfer of wealth. The plan provided asset protection for Dr. Jones and his family, and the added security allowed Dr. Jones to focus his energy on growing his practice and spending more quality time with his family—stress-free.